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Tom Ford

I saw this program on TOM FORD.

While Mr. Ford was interviewed, he talked about how American society is very collagen-injected and quite “pumped up”. He was doing a guest editorial for VOGUE and photographed this model with pumped up EVERYTHING…

Pumped up tits.
Pumped up lips.
Pumped up cheek bones.

He talked about how sad it was that women seemed to be looking the same. Their perception of style was that old is out and youth is eternally beautiful. In order to maintain that youthful look in their 40’s and 50’s, they MUST inject pig fat into their eyebrows and forever looked surprised.

This gave me pause about style in Second Life. I’ve always been a proponent of diversifying assets, and depicting a variety. And I can’t help being reminded of one of the last times I was ‘out and about’ in SL… I saw this woman with what looked to be collagen-injected lips. I mean, she looked like a porn star gone WRONG. Horribly -Joan Rivers- wrong.

But surely she thought she looked good? Like Playboy Bunny good.

I dunno. Why is youth so fucking beautiful?

skin: PULSE. Mystere Skin Tone 2 – No. 12
eyes: Umedama Holic. GS Eye – black pearl
hair: Analog Dog. Ais – onyx
top: COCO. Balloon Blouse – black
bottom: BOOM. High Hot Pants – red
heels: Gos. Platform Pumps – just black
nylons: No.9 Nylons. High Pantyhose – back seam
nose ring: Vaughan’s. Bride of Sian with Indu Chakra
bracelets: Shade Throne. Heroin Bracelet – gold
scarf: Zaara. Pashmina Shawl – berry blue

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Sophia Harlow’s Challenge

I remember when avatars were rated and it shown on the first page of your profile.
I remember the database crash of 2006 and lost nearly half of my inventory.
I remember when hair was transferable and demanded hair bases.
I remember when flex was released (the first thing my friends and I did was make a wobbly penis.)
I remember SL being down every Wednesday by Linden Labs for updating.
I remember if you changed your clothes on a pose ball, you were booted off of the pose ball.
I remember typing AO OFF, although I never typing bling ON or OFF.

circa 2005

When I began Second Life, in 2005, I was heavily into the Goth scene. I think I frequented Nevermore and Nomine every time I logged on. Back then customers had less power and pretty much were at the whims of the designers. We had no idea when new items were going to be released, unless they put a HUGE fucking sign in their store.

I truly loved my LF mini dress. I wore it far too much. If you zoom in closely, you can see the pit stains and cigarette burns in it. LOL The ETD hair was also another favorite. It still is a cute style, it would just needs some minor updates.

Now, I constantly jump between my &Bean and LeLutka skins. Both are EXCEPTIONAL, I think &Bean won out this time because I was feeling a little drunk off of a martini last night. RunoRuno is one of my favorite shops and the Shadethrone feather earring is the fucking shit.

Thanks Sophia for a great reminder of the MAJOR advances in avatar designs. We’ve come so far. Cheers!

circa 2010

circa 2005
dress – Launa Fauna…………. Lia Prim Mini – rub
boots – Jeepers Creepers…………. Wellies – black
eyes – PBI…………. blue
skin – En Nomine …………. Fuckin’ Goth Pack – death becomes you
hair – ETD…………. Mignon – silver burnt
pose – Hiccup

circa 2010
bottom – Le.Look…………. Leggings – black
top – RunoRuno…………. Bulky Sweater – black
ring – Donna Flora…………. BICE Ring
earring – Shadethone…………. Feather – black1
belt – LeLutka…………. MICK with chain
boots – J’s…………. Long Boot Rounded – black
eyes – Poetic Colors…………. dry soil
skin – &Bean …………. Lake Pail Nude Freckles
hair – booN…………. PEA619 – black
pose – Hiccup

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