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Women of Afghanistan

In my last post I stumbled onto a great mesh bag by BoHo HoBo, which led me to the shop. I was very happy to check out some great Mesh tops by the designer Trill Zapatero. She has several venues dedicated to Afghanistan and helping those impoverished by the war. In fact, she told me her proceeds all go to RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, a human rights and social justice cause for women’s education, children’s services, as well as hospital and refugee centers.


The Trillia sim has art, clothing, and educational services talking about RAWA and what you can do to help this movement. I suggest you start by purchasing these great sweater tops I’ve photoed for this post. For more information or to get involved, I would contact Trill Zapatero. She’s wonderfully charming and eager for help spreading the word about RAWA.


Here is a direct SLurl to the BoHo HoBo Shop: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Trillia/217/24/28 From there, you can continue exploring the sim and everything is has to offer!

skin. My Ugly Dorothy. Skin of Sunday 43
eyes. Poetic Colors. autumn – tarn
nails. Mock. Pink Cabaret Nails
hair. Tuty’s. Mathilda Bob Hair – Honey Blonde
nose ring. Sugar Heart. Mesh Septum Ring – steel
ring. Shiny Things. Florina Ring – gold
top. BoHo HoBo. Patched Cowl Sweater
jeans. Maitreya Zipper. Skinny Jeans #3
shoes. ISON. Aline Booties – blonde
poses: Hiccup
Photos Taken Here, SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mado/220/134/25
windlight: TOR – Dusk – Fairytale

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Line Art Group Therapy

I got the blogger release of Somina‘s With Love Hunt prize: Velvet Shimmer mesh dress. It is a perfect grid hunt treasure. The With Love Hunt is being put on by Chic Management and starts Today at 4pm SLT. There are some great stores involved, including Somina. Ms. Snowpaw might NOT be releasing this in her store after the hunt, so you better get over to her shop and pick it up before it disappears. Here’s the TP to her shop – remember it will be out AFTER 4pm SLT: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Snatch%20City/217/106/29


I also picked up a bunch of new items to match my dress – which was very irresponsible of someone who is a penny pincher like me. I went and got the latest release from Mandala the Steking Unisex Ears. I think they are totally bad ass and you will probably be seeing a lot more of these on my blog.

Then there are my new boots from J’s which are IDENTICAL to my RL cowgirl boots. Hence I love them and will hold them forever in my heart. You can take the girl out of the cowboy boots, but you can’t take the cowboys boots out of the girl.

My last note is on the Skinnery and MOCK Cosmetics. I love you both and I will have your babies, just say when.

Play nice and Love often.

skin. the Skinnery. Mirte – Bare Face mocca LB CL3
hair. Tuty’s VOGUE. afro vaporous hair – black
eyes. Poetic Colors. Moon, Blueberry
ears. Mandala. Steking Ears
lips. MOCK. Sang Lip Creme
eye makeup. R.icielli. Gorgeous Makeups / Eyeshadow -4
mole. A:S:S Decades. Mouche – Flirtatious
nails. the Skinnery. Toxic Candy – nail glitter 4
dress. Somnia. Velvet Shimmer – teal
boots. J’s. Western Books – dark brown
necklace. Addiction. Romanice Comic Necklace – oh Penny
pose. Purple Poses
sim. CICA (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA13/93/212/21)

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Zen and Autumn

I love this look. I would totally wear this in real life and be blissfully sipping a nice cup of hot mint tea on my back deck while watching the dogs play in the yard.

I went on a long hike today with my Ken and our two dogs, Lily and Agent Mulder. This look was inspired by all the beautiful colors we encountered in the woods. That includes snakes, birds, and weird raisin things that grow on dead bark!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! Happy Autumn!

skin. Mother Goose. Clara 3
eyes. Poetic Colors. Ocean. Carribbean Reef
hair. boon. WMO003. chestnut
makeup lips. Adore&Abhor. Shreveport Lips. Marigold
makeup eyes. R.icielli. Gorgeous Makeups/eyeshadow 03
dress. Vero Modero. Mara Dress
arms. LouLou&Co. Gloves for Armwarmers
necklace. DooDads. Blood Drop Necklace
bag. TokiD. Bunny Bag
socks. Sakide. Urban Summer Dress Socks
shoes. Love Me. Short Boots. pastel girl

Your moment of Zen.

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My Mother’s Day is like Your Valentine’s Day

Yep. It sucks that bad.

Mother’s Day just isn’t easy for me. Being the child of a severely mentally ill mother has brought new meaning to the holiday. You become torn between so many emotions, that it is a constant battle for sanity inside your head. Not everyone has a dream childhood and certainly not everyone had an inspirational mother.

You know what I loath especially? All those fucking commercials from Hallmark about “tell me how great of a mother I am to you” bullshit. Each time they air, they are a slug in the gut and a reminder of how fucking “not normal” you are compared to everyone else.

Well, how do we get through the day? Those who don’t have those storybook memories.. Here are my recommendations:

  1. Napping. Napping is essential. A well rested mind is an adept mind at all the emotional terrorism around you.
  2. Food. Eating healthy on the big day is another step in the right direction. A protein, carb and fat will do you just right. They will make your body feel happy and not drained of anything it needs. Binge eating on OREOs is the last thing you body wants, make it happy with some chicken, rice and a salad.
  3. Sunshine. I realize this is sorta dependent on the atmosphere, but see what you can do. 15+ minutes of un-sunscreened sunshine is good for the body and Vitamin D.
  4. Music. Now is not the time to get our your Aimee Mann collection. How about you bring out the Big Chill soundtrack or some bad ass Marvin Gaye? Motown is wonderful for getting you light in your feet and a small spring your step.
  5. Film/TV. DO NOT GO NEAR LIFETIME CHANNEL FOR WOMEN. Fuck that shit. Move along, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Let’s whip out some sci-fi! How about the Fifth Element? That’s a fantastic movie! Or maybe some Bladerunner, mixed with Aliens. It’s about detaching from the stressors. Letting them go and getting through the day.

Welp. That’s what I got. I realize a lot of peeps might go for the booze and weed, but as you get older those antics become tiresome. Let’s just go for some healthy coping skills on this tough day. If you ever wanna talk about it inworld, I’m here. Just look me up. I got your back.

Love you.

skin: PULSE SKIN. Mystere Skin – Tone 2, No. 27 Enhanced
eyes: Poetic Colors. Autumn crocus
bra: Blacklace. French. Red & Black Satin Bra
jacket: E-Clipse. GlamPunK, Condola Jacket brown
pants: LIZ. i’Origine Red
shoes: A-Bomb. Gidge Patent red
belt: Uzuri. Fundo Belt brown
smoke: Nightshade Designs. London Fog clove

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No Boys Allowed.

The feeds are swarming with posts on Culture Shock in the last few days. This is a most excellent thing. I, too, wanted to join in on the fun but definitely didn’t wanna go the traditional angle. All the beautiful ladies designs had been well covered and will continue to be blogged about for the next month. It’s a sad fact of Second Life, ladies rule – boys drool.

So this morning, I went with the intention of finding some men’s items that donated to the cause. I fucking love having a female avie in a men’s full suit. Tre sexeh. (By and by, I do recommed Shai Delacroix’s men’s shop for the best suits. She has a special touch with menswear and her details are fabulous.)

I will be fucking damned if I could only find ONE outfit that was menswear AND donated to the Médecins Sans Frontières. Photos Nikolaidis of A:S:S, come on DOWN! You’re the winner! *confetti* Thank you for representing the lads even though we know you are fully capable of doing some gorgeously dramatic designs for ladies.

CAVEAT. I realize I may be incorrect that A:S:S is the “only” male clothing designs in the entire event. I did thoroughly look through the entire show, however humanity is flawed. I would love to be proven wrong, and would promise to go right over and buy those new said clothes. There were plenty of outfits that were men’s, but they did NOT contribute to the cause. I only purchase items that donate.

Well boys. Looks like you’ve been shafted again. I guess we’re making up for some lost time in real life. Suck it up, put on your Big-Boy hat, and hold your girlfriend’s purse like a real man would.

skin: dekade. Daria, Light LB (Culture Shock)
spot: A:S:S Decades. Mouche – Flirtatious (Culture Shock – free)
eyes: Poetic Colors. Ocean, Carribbean Reef
outfit: A:S:S. Decades. Etienne (Culture Shock)
hair: W&Y. New 143, Mocha
shoes: GOS. Pimp Your Pumps V2, Maryjane Court – Red
ring: Donna Flora. BICE Ring

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