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May Day

I realize I am a little bit in love with this afro from Shy Booty. I’m totally okay with that. It’s fluffy, bad ass, and I rock it like Pam Grier would as Foxy Brown. I think everyone should have a quality afro in their inventory. Let’s get some diversity shining through, k?

Somnia sent me some free tees, and I just love the little stitching work around the neckline. Totally worth picking up. Her main store is over at Snatch City. As for the bolero and skirt, they are delicious. Molichino is a shop I didn’t give enough attention too in the past, but it’s totally fab. You probably already know that, so YAY ME! If you haven’t picked up Pididdle‘s Cuffs, do so NOW. They are so in they are screaming at you to wear them.

skin: ND/MD. Eboni, natural – glam
eyes: LeLutka. City – sky
eyeliner: a.e.meth. Andromeda Eyeliner – teal
hair: Shy Booty. Afro NV Funky
bolero: Molichino. Fur Bolero
tee: Somnia. Simple Tee – white
skirt: Molichino. Nivalis
socks: Pididdle. Scrunchy Wool Socks – mauve
shoes: GOS. Posh Bootie – obsidian
ring: Zaara. Kashiti bobble ring – turquoise
armbands: Pididdle. Vengeance Cuffs – copper
necklace: Addiction. Wisdom Leather Strap Necklace

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Just Kids..

Yesterday I finished a beautiful book by Patti Smith called “Just Kids”. The last 30 pages made me cry, a lot. It’s one of those torn feelings of knowing what’s coming, but yet you are still overwhelmed by it’s presence.

It’s an autobiography of her youth, mainly surround her marriage to Robert Mapplethorpe. It wasn’t actually a ‘marriage’ – but more an artist and his muse. Their bond was exceptional, and devoted until the end.

For those who do not know, Mapplethorpe was a photographer in the late 70’s and 1980’s. He was mostly known for his controversial S&M and gay photography. However, he also photographed flowers and portraits. He was irreverent, unconventional, and fixated on being true to an artist lifestyle.

Patti and Robert were very much in love and found the beauty within each other. They critiqued, promoted and supported each other’s need for art in their daily lives. I can’t help but recommend this book to anyone who is willing to listen to me.

For information on this book, go here
To learn more about Robert Mapplethorpe, click here.
And to find out about Patti Smith, this is the place.

skin. vive9. Grace V2. Sick 2
hair: EMO-tions. Windblown IV, black
eyes: UH. Gem Stone Eyes. black pearl
mustache. Mustache. (closed)
top: NINIKO. Pullover Shirt, snow
bottom: Le Poppycock. Le Tutu
shoes: Shiny Things. Criss Cross Ballet Flats, Black
jewelry: Pididdle. Vengeance Cuff, gold
tattoo: Plastik. Feathers, faded

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Vintage Beaches with a Twist of Lime

ND/MD has come out with a new skin called Faith. I immediately fell in love with the Freckles version. There was something very sweet about it and I couldn’t resist matching it up with some tattoos and vintage clothing. Like rockabilly with a touch of honey. It’s easy to always prey on the striking makeups for good editorial photos. But sometimes it is really lovely to see a quality base skin that has depth without the bells and whistles.

Each skin is priced at $990L. Included are normal and teethed versions of the skin, cleavage, a Faith shape, and optional hairbases. Here’s a direct TP to the ad: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Panther%20Valley/175/79/27

You know. It’s easy to get lured into buying the same skin brand over and over. Lemme challenge you with doing something different. Try new skins. Try skins from creators you’ve never heard of… Second Life has so much variety – you can’t even imagine. Live a little… that’s why this is your second life. Silly.

skin: ND/MD. Faith – teeth
lashes: Celestial Studios. Too Old to Buy
swimsuit: Artilleri. Jeanette Bikini – yellow/red
hair: Shag. Belle De Jour – umber
shoes: Pididdle. Canvas Shoes – clean
tattoo: Juicy Box. JDean Affair
ring: rangs. Africanna Ring, longboat
tote: BOOM. Shiney Skull

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Dark Mouse Sale Delights!

You know, I am not much into constructing elaborate outfits which include accessories to the nines. In fact, I consider myself quite lazy or in other terms, minimalist. Often, when I see amazing jewelry I feel the need to take my shirt off to show it off. Dark Mouse‘s beach sale is no different.

Wood & Glass ($25L) + Cascade of Beads (Copper) ($50L)

I found this jewelry really popped against the beautiful nubian skin of PK (Psycho Kondor) and who needs the eyes, when you have the lips. The beautiful lips of Pididdle‘s Lost My Keys red. I always prefer MATTE to gloss. Gloss reminds me too much of a hooker, I have NO IDEA why.

Stain Glass Blue ($25L) + Stain Glass Green ($25L)

The Dark Mouse jewelry is well made and beautifully textured. I bought a lot more than I am depicting in these two images, but the thought of like 5 topless pictures of me just grossed out my vanity. I know others really enjoy that, but I have to draw a line at two. Mouse Mimistrobell‘s work has an elegant simplicity to it. It’s own brand of humility, if you will.

As you can see by the captions under the images, the prices are insanely low. The sale is in the “backyard” of the her shop with it’s own little home. Make way over there and really enjoy what she’s offering at these prices. I could say something like “it’s a gem!” but that would make me curl up in the fetal position.

Sweet Kisses

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Cool Shit from Project FUR

DuckNipple's "Foxer" outfit in black

Dude – you get it all! Top, bottom, shoes and necklace. This outfit knocked my socks off when I put it on. beanster Potato really went out of her way at a insanely reasonable price of L$295. Definitely a must-have on the FUR scene.

PIDIDDLE's "Serengeti Lingerie Set" and Dream Doll's "Kitty Toe Warmers"

Brutus’ lingerie has been all the rage lately, so why not complete the set? Get the tribute panties that help FUR out! I say, match that shit up with some really effing cute socks. The socks come in different animals. I’m just partial to the feline persuasion. The lingerie set goes for only L$200 and the socks go for L$75.

Hysteria's "Wounds" and Ange's "Koi T" in black (also comes in blue)

These are some good battle wounds. I’m a sucker for the 2.0 facial tattoos especially when dressing them up with something couture. The top was really well done by Ange and not over the top. Sometimes designers want to do something “asian inspired” but it comes out a fucking mess. This is lovely. Both the bloody wounds and t-shirts are L$50.

You can get all the information at Project FUR Japan‘s blog: projectfurjapan.wordpress.com
The SLurl is here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Plumhill/138/126/29

You best get shopping.

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