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Women of Afghanistan

In my last post I stumbled onto a great mesh bag by BoHo HoBo, which led me to the shop. I was very happy to check out some great Mesh tops by the designer Trill Zapatero. She has several venues dedicated to Afghanistan and helping those impoverished by the war. In fact, she told me her proceeds all go to RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, a human rights and social justice cause for women’s education, children’s services, as well as hospital and refugee centers.


The Trillia sim has art, clothing, and educational services talking about RAWA and what you can do to help this movement. I suggest you start by purchasing these great sweater tops I’ve photoed for this post. For more information or to get involved, I would contact Trill Zapatero. She’s wonderfully charming and eager for help spreading the word about RAWA.


Here is a direct SLurl to the BoHo HoBo Shop: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Trillia/217/24/28 From there, you can continue exploring the sim and everything is has to offer!

skin. My Ugly Dorothy. Skin of Sunday 43
eyes. Poetic Colors. autumn – tarn
nails. Mock. Pink Cabaret Nails
hair. Tuty’s. Mathilda Bob Hair – Honey Blonde
nose ring. Sugar Heart. Mesh Septum Ring – steel
ring. Shiny Things. Florina Ring – gold
top. BoHo HoBo. Patched Cowl Sweater
jeans. Maitreya Zipper. Skinny Jeans #3
shoes. ISON. Aline Booties – blonde
poses: Hiccup
Photos Taken Here, SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mado/220/134/25
windlight: TOR – Dusk – Fairytale

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The Pawn vs. The Player

So it’s time to do a nice fashion post. I wanted to express how much I LOVE these pants I picked up from BOOM. They are part of her Miami Linen collection and could only be done with mesh. They fit perfectly and offer up the most flattering cut I’ve seen on the grid. I picked up a couple in different colors – and like in true BOOM fashion – she’s got a HUGE color selection.

My next squee is over the cute hair I picked up Mirai Style. I’ve shown a bunch of her styles before and I still really enjoy her looks. They are playful and the woman loves accessories. The hair band is color scripted and easy to use.

Lastly, I’ve discovered on flickr this awesome art sim. Make sure you friend Ziki Questi on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/zikiquesti/). She explores little known regions of Second Life that make the experience all the better! You can’t fail.

Okay. That’s it for me.

Play nice. Be brave. Love often. <3

skin. Curio. Jasmine – Pure Frex Dark
eyes. Rozena. Coffee and Caramel – black coffee
hair. Mirai Style. Anje – Black
eye makeup. La Malvada Mujur. oroLiquido #5 with AE METH. Heavy Linder Makeup – Diva
lip makeup. Mock. Opal Lipcolor Roman
top. Boom. Twenty Three Tee – Tangerine
bottom. Boom. Miami Linens – Graphite
shoes. Maitreya. Soho Boots – Pumpkin
necklace. 19MC. Wrench Necklace
ring. Scrub. DP Cameo Ring
bag. Sakide. Elegant Leather Bag – black
pose. L.A.P.

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Albion/118/139/22

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Black Dress, Blue Shoes

When asked why she always wore blue shoes she said, “they match my eyes.

A tribute to OMGLissy‘s blog and her posts “A Study of The Black Dress“.

skin: SHINE. Simona, winter blush pale
eyes: Moony Eyes. Glassy, blue
hair: I Love Olive. Bella Hair, pearl white
tattoo: Garden of Ku. Lady Cat
cigarette: NSD. black cigarette
ring: rangs. sunflower sweetie ring
oufit: Vero Modero. Okul Set
shoes: Maitreya. ChiChi Pumps, blue

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International Women’s Day

Apparently, International Women’s Day is a big thing everywhere in the world except the United States. What the Fuck? I looked up the holiday, with my Russian-born coworker, only discover that the holiday is rooted in the Suffrage Movement in New York City.

Again, what the fuck?

Us Americans can’t remember to give a gentle nod to our sisters that fought so hard to get us (quasi) equal pay and the right to vote?  SO not cool.  Well, fuck that shit. Let me, as a proud American, step up to the plate.

*raises a glass* Cheers to the beautiful Women of the World! Without you, we would truly be lost!

Credits: Skin – Curio’s Jasmine; Hair – W&Y; Outfit- 4 Minute Outfit; Shoes – Maitreya; Makeup – BOOM!

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Bella Bombast Boasts Beautiful Bodies

UZURI has a new skin out. It’s called Ramla and it’s a gorgeous addition to Miss Bella Bombast‘s already incredible line of skins. You know me, every week or so I am prattling on about diversifying your skin collection and fashion feed. Well, allow me to prattle on some more, muther fuckers. This skin is a stunner.

If you reference my first post about Miss Bella’s work back in November of 2009,  you can compare her Jez line of skins to the new one. This new one, Ramla, is a softer version of Jez. The natural lighting on the face makes facelights not necessary when photographing or wearing regularly. The best thing, however, is the fuller top lip. It is utterly kissable! Overall, the skin creates a fashion savvy Nubian woman and is price at only 990 linden!

On top of already nearly peeing my pants over the new skin line, Miss Bella passed me some new jewelry items. The Makuti earrings come in gold and silver and are reasonably priced at 215 linden. The amount of AMAZING detail over every centimeter of them, make them worth every penny. If you go to the shop, you can also buy them as a gift for your sweetheart.

Here’s the SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lila/32/49/23 Look up UZURI. Become the African goddess you have always wanted to be!

dress – Icing …………. Ashley
earrings – UZURI…………. Makuti – silver
shoes – Maitreya…………. Slinky Stilettos – silver
eyes – YUMYUM…………. classic brown
hair – MIRAI STYLE …………. Stat – black
skin – UZURI ………….Ramla Indigo Natural
poses – Penny Dreadful Arcade

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