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True Blood Tourist

Sylvia Olivier and I did some exploring of the sim Venexia. It is a RP zone premised on gothic vampires ruling Venice, Italy. They have built the perfect stage for their performance, as you can see in the background. It is worth exploring and would be perfect for an editorial fashion spread. You can’t take a bad picture in this place.

As for clothing, I’m wearing my new group gift from Hucci. This is wonderful mesh dress with the word LOVE written all over it. Fun, sassy, sexy — all things Hucci. The hair Sylvia and I picked up at Boon, which is always a pleasure. The bag was a surprise bonus on the SL Marketplace. It was the perfect bohemian addition to my little mish-mash outfit and only cost $170L.

I call the look Proud Nubian Woman meets Chinese Urban Bohemian Cowgirl. Fuckin’ A. 


skin: Heartsick. Devotion. Eternity, Tinsel C,F,DB
hair. BOON. NYN116 brown
eyes. Pulcino. Quartz Brown
lips. Mock. Opal Lipcolor puce
dress. Hucci. Carora Dress (group gift)
bag. BoHo HoBo. Mesh Afgahnistani Shoulder Bag
boots. J’s. Western Boots. Dark Brown
necklace. Mandala Rushana Necklace, Gold
nosering. Sugar Heart. Mesh Nose Ring, Steel
pose & camera. Luth. Photographer Set

Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Venexia/180/37/21

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Androida was created by ND/MD’s co-designer, Alea Lamont. You may have seen my other post about ND/MD here. This skin is right on par with my previous review.

Each package includes two versions of the skin. I’m showing the “repair skin” which has a cut in the cheek with a metal underlay. Both metal and NON metal are availble at the store, but if you’re inclined, I recommend the metal. It includes menacing cyber eyes, facelight, 2 skin versions (with or without teeth), eyebrow shape and cleavage. Basically, it’s an entire package of creepy cyborg goodness!

My avie is rather average in height, boobs and butt – I feel like a super model in this skin. It creates SUCH a long lean look. Personally, I love it. It reminds me completely of Battlestar Galactica. Can you say Number 6?

The face is unique with it’s lack of eyebrows and deep penetrating eyes. It’s a nice change from the Frida Kahlo looks that have infiltrating Second Life recently. It offers up a science fiction motif with a metallic sheen. On a side note, I must say that this skin has the nicest ass I have seen in years. You could bounce a quarter off of it and never feel cheated.

Two Makeup Variations

Here’s a taxi to the Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Panther%20Valley/106/103/28
Pricing is as follows: One makeup = $990L
Fat Packs cost either $1270L or $3400L depending on package.

Other Credits
Hair: KIN – Cricket, blonde
Eyes: Grim Bros. – Mekanik View, plasma
Swimwear: BOOM – Aruba, lipstick
Heels: HOC Industries – Noir Stilettos
Bangles: MOOD – Pangani Bangles
Poses: Luth

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OOPS! I forgot a title

Miss Ah has done it again. This bitch always designs shit that I love. I should just make a BOOM page on my blog, for fuck’s sake.

(Wow. I am a potty mouth this morning.)

Okay. So here is the 4-1-1 on the Take It Easy Tote my avie is holding. They are the Super-Duper new release from BOOM, which you can find the main store here. There are 22 different designs and are priced at 200 linden each. They have a built in shoulder animation, so it won’t fuck up your AO when you wear it. Honestly, the most difficult part of this post was choosing which design I liked best. Miss Ah has an excellent talent at luring people into her style of cool and it’s pretty exciting to witness. She’s a force to be reckoned with.. *cue evil laughter*

In other news, I downloaded Version 2.01 of Second Life. It’s reallllllly different and if you haven’t checked it out, I recommend doing so. I think the most awesome part is the “makeup” capabilities with skins. LeLutka put out a bunch of complimentary makeups ages ago and I was finally able to check them out. I am very excited to see how this new area develops.

hand bag – BOOM …………. Take It Easy Tote – Sacred Heart
top – Linc …………. Open Button Top – Lilac (The Deck Anniversary*)
bottom – NINIKO …………. Kung Fu Pants
bra – 5th & Oxford …………. Lit. Miss Bra – olive
trainers – Hoorenbeek…………SL Balance – grey & bordeaux
eyes – MADesigns…………. blind faith
makeup – LeLutka.……….Group Gift / Make Up 1
skin – LeLutka.……….Estelle Pale
hair – LeLutka………….Petra – bistre black
poses – Luth

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For the Boys

When I was little, Bette Midler was VERY popular in my house. My mom constantly played the soundtrack to “The Rose” repeatedly on the record player. That was my mom, obsessive to the core! However, I was little more of the “PS I Love You” kinda girl. That scene left quite an impression on me. So when I saw the military style coat offered at G Sloane Couture, I couldn’t help but immediately think of For the Boys.

The coat has sculpted prim cuffs and belt. The texturing is wonderfully realistic and it’s the perfect length to stand alone or with some trousers. It costs 170 linden and you get some optional holly prims too!

G Sloane Couture SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cedarwood/217/45/23

coat – G Sloane Couture…………. Green Wool Coat
eyes – YUMYUM…………. blue
boots – League …………. Asuka Boots
skin – Dutch Touch…………. Special No2 – caramel
hair – Truth…………. Ashlynn – mocha
poses – Luth

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No. I didn’t forget my blouse.

I just chose not to WEAR one. That’s right, hookers.
Mama has some new trousers and she’s not afraid to walk around topless in them.

God DAMN! These pants are cool. The belt is sculpted and the ruffles are flex prims. The pants are only 100 linden and well worth it. Look at them! They are adorable! G Sloane offers them separate or matched with a blouse. Frankly, I was too in enamored with bottom that the top seemed rather pointless.

The skin is from Dr. Life which specializes in Asian skins. If you have been looking for a proper Asian skin, this is the place for you. I will blog more about this shop later, so sit tight kids. Mama will be back later for that Very Special Episode.

G Sloane Couture SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cedarwood/217/45/23

trousers– G Sloane Couture…………. Ruffle Pant – black
bangles – G Sloane Couture…………. casual 3
eyes – YUMYUM…………. black
heels – Maitreya …………. Slinky Stilettos – silver
skin – Dr. Life …………. Yuyan Fair – 3
hair – JUNWAVE…………. YUKO – black
poses – Luth

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