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Just Kids..

Yesterday I finished a beautiful book by Patti Smith called “Just Kids”. The last 30 pages made me cry, a lot. It’s one of those torn feelings of knowing what’s coming, but yet you are still overwhelmed by it’s presence.

It’s an autobiography of her youth, mainly surround her marriage to Robert Mapplethorpe. It wasn’t actually a ‘marriage’ – but more an artist and his muse. Their bond was exceptional, and devoted until the end.

For those who do not know, Mapplethorpe was a photographer in the late 70’s and 1980’s. He was mostly known for his controversial S&M and gay photography. However, he also photographed flowers and portraits. He was irreverent, unconventional, and fixated on being true to an artist lifestyle.

Patti and Robert were very much in love and found the beauty within each other. They critiqued, promoted and supported each other’s need for art in their daily lives. I can’t help but recommend this book to anyone who is willing to listen to me.

For information on this book, go here
To learn more about Robert Mapplethorpe, click here.
And to find out about Patti Smith, this is the place.

skin. vive9. Grace V2. Sick 2
hair: EMO-tions. Windblown IV, black
eyes: UH. Gem Stone Eyes. black pearl
mustache. Mustache. (closed)
top: NINIKO. Pullover Shirt, snow
bottom: Le Poppycock. Le Tutu
shoes: Shiny Things. Criss Cross Ballet Flats, Black
jewelry: Pididdle. Vengeance Cuff, gold
tattoo: Plastik. Feathers, faded

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OPEN CALL for New Designers!


I’m looking for some new blood out there to write about for coffeesmoke. I am so sick of the usual suspects getting top billing with all the major bloggers, so let’s change that: starting here at coffeesmoke. Send me your fucked up, fantastic work that you’ve put your heart into and I’ll blog it. Let’s start infultrating the mass media, and get your stuff published and out there on the Fashion Feeds!

I am pretty willing to give anything a shot, minus gigantic prosthetic boobs. That’s just a little out of my league, not judging tho. If I can’t blog your stuff, I will personally contact you for a discussion. If I DO blog your stuff, I’ll notecard you with the URL and say, “Thanks, hot stuff.”

Let’s get some fresh new designs on the feeds. Generica is for the old and weak, so fuck that shit.

Send works to Marleen Vaughan. You can IM/Notecard me if you have problems or questions. Also my email address is: marleen.vaughan@gmail.com. I’m super excited to see what’s out there.

skin: CStar – Embrace 2.0
hair: Aurora Shop – 002
eyes: Umedama Holic – GS eyes Black Pearl
jacket: 19MC – Riders -JK02
tutu: Le Poppycock – Lucky Board Tutu
boots: ZERO NUMBER – Engineer Boots
socks: Wrigglesworth – Men’s Garter Socks

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What’s that Flipper? Timmy’s stuck in a well?

Hey ya. This is me getting back into blogging. Sylvia, bless her heart (even tho I am an atheist), insisted I start blogging again. I’m not really sure why, because I don’t actually read or review the Fashion Feeds anymore. Truthfully, they sorta suck you dry of inspiration. My theory is that this is some sort of intervention, if you will. Like… “Hey. Stop sucking and get on the ball.” I can go along with that.

I decided to put together this little outfit like maybe your child would if she got to wear all her favorite things in one day. The point being is I see a lot of avies out there trying very hard to look ‘their best’. I’m here to say it’s all bullshit. Just be you. Goofy. Window licking, you. That’s seriously beautiful and wonderful.

Second Life has this ability to amplify social conventions of beautify, image, and self-obsession. I was watching the Weather Channel and like 10 commercials came up for fucking skin care products. Do I really fucking need to know about skin care when a god damn hurricane is coming? Answer: no. We are totally self-obsessed and only a little humility can begin stop the insanity. Snap outta it. It’s only gonna send you into years of fucking therapy , which (let’s face it) the health care system really doesn’t give a shit about….

…okay. So maybe you didn’t need to hear my social diatribe on an “I” generation. Lemme just throw this out there. If you ever wanna talk, look me up in game. Marleen Vaughan. We can talk about anything, as long as it doesn’t have to do with you or me.


eyes :: Umedama Holic – koi blue
hair :: fri. – Marie, Anxious Blond
makeup :: cheLLe – Icing Lip Stain 3
skin :: curio – Jasmine Shell Pure
top :: 19 – tanktop glay
bottom :: BEGGARS BANQUET – black pants 1030
socks :: boom – tube socks black
scuba gear :: le poppycock – water baby

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