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True Blood Tourist

Sylvia Olivier and I did some exploring of the sim Venexia. It is a RP zone premised on gothic vampires ruling Venice, Italy. They have built the perfect stage for their performance, as you can see in the background. It is worth exploring and would be perfect for an editorial fashion spread. You can’t take a bad picture in this place.

As for clothing, I’m wearing my new group gift from Hucci. This is wonderful mesh dress with the word LOVE written all over it. Fun, sassy, sexy — all things Hucci. The hair Sylvia and I picked up at Boon, which is always a pleasure. The bag was a surprise bonus on the SL Marketplace. It was the perfect bohemian addition to my little mish-mash outfit and only cost $170L.

I call the look Proud Nubian Woman meets Chinese Urban Bohemian Cowgirl. Fuckin’ A. 


skin: Heartsick. Devotion. Eternity, Tinsel C,F,DB
hair. BOON. NYN116 brown
eyes. Pulcino. Quartz Brown
lips. Mock. Opal Lipcolor puce
dress. Hucci. Carora Dress (group gift)
bag. BoHo HoBo. Mesh Afgahnistani Shoulder Bag
boots. J’s. Western Boots. Dark Brown
necklace. Mandala Rushana Necklace, Gold
nosering. Sugar Heart. Mesh Nose Ring, Steel
pose & camera. Luth. Photographer Set

Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Venexia/180/37/21

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Goldenrod Hobo

One of the great things about travel is that you find out how many good,
kind people there are.

Edith Wharton, author of Ethan Frome

train. ililo. hobo hut 02 (new Arcade Item)
chair. Zigana. lazy sunday chair – buttercup (new Arcade Item)
feline. SHOP SEU. 1prim cat – black

skin. the Skinnery. Iris – Gold champaign LB CL1 (new Arcade Item)
eyes. Insufferable Dastard. Glimmer Contacts – aqua (new Arcade Item)
ears. Mandala. Steking Ears
hair. LaViere. Ambush. Creative Dye Pack
dress. The Secret Store & Nyu. Camille Dress – honeycomb
scarf. The Sea Hole. Parvita Scarf – sunzecya (new Arcade Item)
boots. J’s. Studded Long Boots – black
radio. Tee*fy. Retro Portable Radio – Printed Paper Pink (new Arcade Item)

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Line Art Group Therapy

I got the blogger release of Somina‘s With Love Hunt prize: Velvet Shimmer mesh dress. It is a perfect grid hunt treasure. The With Love Hunt is being put on by Chic Management and starts Today at 4pm SLT. There are some great stores involved, including Somina. Ms. Snowpaw might NOT be releasing this in her store after the hunt, so you better get over to her shop and pick it up before it disappears. Here’s the TP to her shop – remember it will be out AFTER 4pm SLT: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Snatch%20City/217/106/29


I also picked up a bunch of new items to match my dress – which was very irresponsible of someone who is a penny pincher like me. I went and got the latest release from Mandala the Steking Unisex Ears. I think they are totally bad ass and you will probably be seeing a lot more of these on my blog.

Then there are my new boots from J’s which are IDENTICAL to my RL cowgirl boots. Hence I love them and will hold them forever in my heart. You can take the girl out of the cowboy boots, but you can’t take the cowboys boots out of the girl.

My last note is on the Skinnery and MOCK Cosmetics. I love you both and I will have your babies, just say when.

Play nice and Love often.

skin. the Skinnery. Mirte – Bare Face mocca LB CL3
hair. Tuty’s VOGUE. afro vaporous hair – black
eyes. Poetic Colors. Moon, Blueberry
ears. Mandala. Steking Ears
lips. MOCK. Sang Lip Creme
eye makeup. R.icielli. Gorgeous Makeups / Eyeshadow -4
mole. A:S:S Decades. Mouche – Flirtatious
nails. the Skinnery. Toxic Candy – nail glitter 4
dress. Somnia. Velvet Shimmer – teal
boots. J’s. Western Books – dark brown
necklace. Addiction. Romanice Comic Necklace – oh Penny
pose. Purple Poses
sim. CICA (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA13/93/212/21)

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I looked again at the cylinder, and ungovernable terror gripped me.

Simplicity is a strange thing. I look at this outfit and I totally think of the movie, The Fifth Element. Luc Besson‘s science fiction film noir, where Jean-Paul Gaultier costumes the shit out of everyone. It’s straight out of that genre and that’s why I love it so! The dress just screamed BUY ME and as far as Second Life goes – I’m pretty frugal. When you’re a content creator you constantly struggle with the dilemma of “oh. I could make that myself – why bother buying it.” Ask any of them, and they probably will tell you the same thing.

But this dress…. love love love love.

Here’s the SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Extrem%20Island/216/26/734
Dress is priced at $280 and there are two color options. I went with blood because, god damnit, I own too much black already.


dress: Gasqhe, Geie – Blood
leggings: LeLook, la femme
hair: DeeTaleZ, Shaved Head – blonde
boots: J’s, Round Boots – black
skin: LeLutka, Lola – Pale #5L
eyes: LeLutka, Sky

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Occupy Wall Street

I find it shocking how LITTLE people are talking about the protest going on, in New York City and other major cities around the US, via Second Life. I haven’t seen any mention of it on PLURK, Facebook or in any sort of group notices. That makes me rather sad because it might mean two things:

  1. SLer’s don’t give a shit about the real news
  2. SLer’s don’t give attention to alternative forms of media

Mainstream media is corrupt. There is no denying it and corruption is absolute. If you want the real story, or at least a grain of insight and honesty, you MUST go to several media outlets to find kernels of consistency. All of those news stations have corporate sponsors, IE citibank, chase bank, forecloseyourass bank. These nasty little sponsors will strong arm the news and what it reports. We can’t have any bad press, now can we?

So for 2 weeks, you wouldn’t even know a protest was going on at Wall Street because there wasn’t anyone reporting it. It’s so fucking amazes me how the news cherry picks stories. It’s like your news is being decided by the same people that would throw a 73 year old grandmother out into the streets because they foreclosed on her life-long home.

>> random thought. I wonder if banking suicides went up during the “housing crisis”?

Anyways. I’ve decided to include a nice image from the protest, taken on Wall Street. “NO MORE MONEY FOR WALL STREET AND WAR. DEMAND JOBS AND INCOME FOR WORKERS AND POOR”

Side note. My stance on the military is very similar to David Letterman’s, oddly enough. I honor the soldiers that go to war, but not the war they fight. These are scared kids and they need to come home. As for social services, I live in Massachusetts the holy grail of social services. I gladly pay my taxes because I know first hand the good that it does for our society.

I’m getting off track.

It’s Day 23 of the Wall Street Protest. Read some. Support some. Learn some.

Credits: Skin & Makeup: LeLutka, Hair: DURA (group hunt), Dress: Pink Outfitters, Shoes: J’s, Jewelry: Swallowtail

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