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True Blood Tourist

Sylvia Olivier and I did some exploring of the sim Venexia. It is a RP zone premised on gothic vampires ruling Venice, Italy. They have built the perfect stage for their performance, as you can see in the background. It is worth exploring and would be perfect for an editorial fashion spread. You can’t take a bad picture in this place.

As for clothing, I’m wearing my new group gift from Hucci. This is wonderful mesh dress with the word LOVE written all over it. Fun, sassy, sexy — all things Hucci. The hair Sylvia and I picked up at Boon, which is always a pleasure. The bag was a surprise bonus on the SL Marketplace. It was the perfect bohemian addition to my little mish-mash outfit and only cost $170L.

I call the look Proud Nubian Woman meets Chinese Urban Bohemian Cowgirl. Fuckin’ A. 


skin: Heartsick. Devotion. Eternity, Tinsel C,F,DB
hair. BOON. NYN116 brown
eyes. Pulcino. Quartz Brown
lips. Mock. Opal Lipcolor puce
dress. Hucci. Carora Dress (group gift)
bag. BoHo HoBo. Mesh Afgahnistani Shoulder Bag
boots. J’s. Western Boots. Dark Brown
necklace. Mandala Rushana Necklace, Gold
nosering. Sugar Heart. Mesh Nose Ring, Steel
pose & camera. Luth. Photographer Set

Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Venexia/180/37/21

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Blogger Challenge & My Dream Last Night

When Sylvia and I were first talking about this challenge, I honestly couldn’t fucking remember what clothing I wore when I was a teen. I was SUCH a space cadet then that my memories are completely clouded. So last night, I went through a bunch of old photo albums to look for answers. Found some.

I don’t really want to tell you about my high school experience otherwise. It really was the definition of mediocrity. Average student. Friends. Sex. Drama (club). Nothing particularly notable, although I went to Italy on a school trip when I was 16. Hence, the photo below.

What I do want to talk about is the INSANE dream I had last night. I dreamt of PAIN!? It was so peculiar. I have never dreamt of pain, when my body wasn’t actually IN pain while I was sleeping.

So, what happened was this. I was dreaming that my mouth was pain (fyi- I’m TERRIFIED of dentists. I hate them. There is a good reason they have a high suicide rate. Miserable fucking profession.), like serious tooth-pulling pain. The pain was SO intense that I woke up from a deep sleep. I then realized that awake, I wasn’t in ANY pain at all. The pain was the dream.

This has never happened to me before. Has it happened to you?

jeans – Maitreya …………. Skinny Jeans – #07
top – This is a Fawn…………. Deep V Neck – white
vest – Four Yip…………. Waistcoat Alex
rings – Shiny Things & LaGyo …………. Florina Ring & Volta Ring
earrings – Earthstones …………. Ankh Belly Ring (which i duped and turned into earrings)
shoes – Kari …………. High Tops – sail away bitch
eyes – Tuli…………. green
skin – Milk Motion …………. Colette – nude
hair – LeLutka…………. Messy – beach blonde
poses – Sweet Lovely Cute

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