about Marleen Vaughan

I’ve never been one to follow instructions well. When I have to read them, I usually skip to the end and fuck it up some how. In a lot of ways, I feel the same about fashion. I like fucking it up and combining ideas that don’t particularly “go” together. Second Life™ is the perfect vehicle for exploring alternative concepts and bringing new thoughts to life!

You can always send me an email or comment publicly on the blog. I love arguments over gin and cigarettes. Bring it on, I say!



One thought on “about Marleen Vaughan

  1. Frankie and Violet. says:

    Hi Marleen!
    Just ran across your blog (again I’d forgotten I’d encountered it before). Did I tell you I link to you from the Art Box site at http://artbox.advancedvirtual.com ? See the ‘Buzz’ section – you’re in there.

    It was just so refreshingly nice to see all the complimentary things you said about our work. We are soon going to start making more art in 3D after a long break, so keep watching! All the best:

    Frankie and Violet.

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