I guess it’s that time of year to make fucking resolutions on how you will become a better person in the year to come. I don’t have anything against this particular ritual, only that it sorta gets fucked over by the second week of January. People start eating shitty food again, stop exercising, and then the next thing you know – they are telling their BFFs to “fuck off” on a drunk Friday night.

What ever happened to commitment? To the love of doing something because you KNOW in the end, you will truly be better for it?

Over the last year, in real life, I lost 50 pounds. When I realized this, people would ask me how I did it? Was it some diet? or rigid exercise routine? I would always pause because it wasn’t really either. I just decided I was going to live better for me. There was no tormented “giving up” of foods or weird fucking calorie counting. I changed, and that changed everything. I discovered I was worth the effort. I was worth the commitment to myself to make myself healthy.

You’re worth it too. You’re worth every god damn second of it. 

Resolve to love yourself, thank your body and give yourself the support that you need to make the best decisions for your health. I’ll join you in that resolution. 


skin. dekade. Daria. Light LB. Culture Shock
lips. Mock. Opal Lipcolor Roman
eye liner. A.E. Meth. Cat Eyeliner 5
freckles. Adore&Abhor. Windy Xmas. Various Spots
eyes. Umeboshi. Yue Eyes Bicolour
tattoo. Flaunt. Serpent Skin Tattoo – Faded
hair. D!va. Hair Yoko
gloves. Rotten Toe. Long Rotten Gloves
mesh top. Hucci Salli Crop Tank – Midnight
bra. Blacklace Lingerie. Tangible Dreams. Red Velvet & Lace Bra
shorts. Rotten Toe. Maggot Shorts – Red White
boots. Crazy. Caligo Boots
neck piece. Cobrahive. Parade Collar


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5 thoughts on “Resolutionary

  1. silenynoel says:

    Love this. <3

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