Winter Light

In the winter, the light changes so much. I remember my old college photography teacher used to tell us that you start learning all the personalities of light. It begins to speak to you. I thought at the time he was being a pretentious asshole. But as I’ve gotten older, I am beginning to think he was on to something. I’ve noticed that the light in the winter months speaks in a much softer voice. Maybe it’s because there is less daylight, less time to see the tones of gold or grey or blue. You’ve gotta give it a good whisper and coax it into playing with you.

*smiles* Be kind to your winter light.


art. Chiana Oh. ‘Winter’s Hazy Shade’ (new release)
sofa. Chiana Oh. Winter Couch (new release)
cat. SHOP SEU. 1 prim cat – orange
sweets. Tres Blah. Pastry Mania – Macarons (arcade)
cup. Tres Blah. Pastry Mania – Mustache Cup (arcade)
building. POST. Skov Kapel (arcade)
skin. BCC. Latte – Liu 02 (arcade)
hair. INK. Natum – black (new release)
eyes. Mooney Eyes. Glassy – Yellow
eyeliner. AE METH. Cat Eyeliner 4
lips. Mock. Pomegranate Lip Jelle
nails. Mock. Cerise Mock Nails
sweater. FY. Loose Knit Sweater – lavender
bra. Pacadi Jasha. Oona Lingerie
tights. Ohmai. Basics Sheer Leggings – concrete
shoes. DECO. Mesh Distressed Heels – grape (new release)
necklace. Bliensen + MaiTai. Noel – Chunky Necklace (new release)

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3 thoughts on “Winter Light

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    Thank you so much, darling! <3

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