Suicide Awareness Hunt Delivers

Today I did the Suicide Awareness Hunt which is sponsored by the Mental Health Awareness Retreat in Second Life. This hunt is short, only 25 locations, and very sweet! I had a good deal of fun exploring shops that I had never before heard of and working with other hunters to find the locations. It was truly a fun community experience.

The hunt is very different from all the rest of the grid hunts you’ve probably experienced. When you start at the Retreat headquarters you must choose your first path. You can either try to save Juliana, the main character of the hunt, or you can admit that you’re not sure HOW to save Juliana. Both routes bring you through the hunt, but each tells a different story. Here is the starting point landmark:

At the hunt starting point, you must choose which path to take.

So when you find your first yellow ribbon, look in the folder. There will be a notecard with your next teleport and a hint. The hint is the image, so you must open that up! Each image tells a piece of the story surrounding Juliana. The hunt is family friendly, so you go to men’s, children’s and ladies shops. It’s a nice break from the usually female dominated hunts.

first image:
skybox. BagLady Design. (includes several workout animations as well as others)
outfit. luxuriant. Faith Sweatpant Set
tattoo. NsCutie Shapes. Remember the Fallen Tattoo
eyes. Eye Candi. Caramel Delight

second image:
window. Chiana Oh. Live Picture Window
glasses. Salon de GLOW. Poker Face remake
top. BADE. Fall Breeze Blouse
bottom. Toxic High. Black Boxers Dirty Ash Jeans

third image:
signs. Petite Bowtique. Inspirational Collage
top. earth. Choose Life Mesh Top
bottom. Vero Modero. Cigdem Tights
bracelet. Twig. Scrabble Hope

Please join the wonderful hunt and help raises Suicide Awareness for all. It’s a good cause and will bring some nice karma to your door. For more information on the prizes and hotline phone numbers, go to the Mental Health Awareness Retreat website:

My hair is from Dura, my skin is from Heartsick, and the boots are from COCO.

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