The Pawn vs. The Player

So it’s time to do a nice fashion post. I wanted to express how much I LOVE these pants I picked up from BOOM. They are part of her Miami Linen collection and could only be done with mesh. They fit perfectly and offer up the most flattering cut I’ve seen on the grid. I picked up a couple in different colors – and like in true BOOM fashion – she’s got a HUGE color selection.

My next squee is over the cute hair I picked up Mirai Style. I’ve shown a bunch of her styles before and I still really enjoy her looks. They are playful and the woman loves accessories. The hair band is color scripted and easy to use.

Lastly, I’ve discovered on flickr this awesome art sim. Make sure you friend Ziki Questi on Flickr ( She explores little known regions of Second Life that make the experience all the better! You can’t fail.

Okay. That’s it for me.

Play nice. Be brave. Love often. <3

skin. Curio. Jasmine – Pure Frex Dark
eyes. Rozena. Coffee and Caramel – black coffee
hair. Mirai Style. Anje – Black
eye makeup. La Malvada Mujur. oroLiquido #5 with AE METH. Heavy Linder Makeup – Diva
lip makeup. Mock. Opal Lipcolor Roman
top. Boom. Twenty Three Tee – Tangerine
bottom. Boom. Miami Linens – Graphite
shoes. Maitreya. Soho Boots – Pumpkin
necklace. 19MC. Wrench Necklace
ring. Scrub. DP Cameo Ring
bag. Sakide. Elegant Leather Bag – black
pose. L.A.P.


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2 thoughts on “The Pawn vs. The Player

  1. Ziki Questi says:

    Hello, and thanks for your kind words about my photos!

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