Why is SL Marketplace so WHITE?

I’ve just seen the new batch of SL Marketplace images to feed the mass consumerism on the former Xstreet website. I can’t help but wonder why they are always depicting white avatars? Can we have a little color to our rainbow of perpetual purchasing?

Yes. These are supposed to be Xmas fairies. I get that.

I have always, and will always be a big fan of seeing beautiful strong women portrayed in Second Life advertising and marketing. I especially love seeing a true portrayals of women of color. Asian, African, Latin, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! It’s all so good and so wonderful!

I mean, really Linden Lab? With the number of beautiful ethnic skins out there, you should be ashamed of yourself! You can do better.

Plus, there are so many great bloggers out there that maintain their racial identity. Why not spread the joy a little and bring a rainbow to the holiday season? Add some sophistication to the Linden Lab repertoire and ask some ‘too cool for school‘ bloggers to open up the door. Let me know if you need a list of image makers. I will hook you up with some sweet sweet peeps who have got amazing skills.

I hope you hear this message, Linden Lab. Let’s get with the program.

PS. This is in by NO WAY a complaint regarding the photography produced thus far. I am merely putting in a formal request for some diversity. Let’s call it my early “Dear Santa” letter.

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5 thoughts on “Why is SL Marketplace so WHITE?

  1. The problem with this is twofold.

    First of all, the process for selecting the photos appears to be more than a bit cliquish. As is often the case, the people who get the most attention are the ones who network the right way and that kind of narrow vision will always lack variety. I think Berry and Gogo take lovely photos, but so do many others that aren’t tapped for their work. So we get the same people recycled over and over. Linden Lab hasn’t shown any understanding of knowing what to look for or who to look at, so they will constantly defer to the ones who make inroads toward them instead of shopping around. It is still very much a game of “I have a Linden friend or know someone that does” for the most part.

    The second issue has to do with the fact that many people in Second Life use ethic avatars in ways that are in questionable taste. The grid is multicultural, but the world still has pockets of people who think that being a minority is something exotic and there is a large fetish community built around that mindset. This creates an issue about style and visuals that might be difficult to navigate with the required sensitivity.

    Lets say someone like Berry styles an ethic avatar for an SL page shoot. Is that better or a cop-out? And what if an unknown is asked and styles their avatar over-the-top? How can Linden Lab be sure that’s a case of an ethic avatar showcasing a style choice as opposed to a person behind an avatar being inappropriate?

    I would like to see more color in the mix, but I also think there are certain reasons why Linden Lab stays the safe whitebread course. It’s lazy and safe. Which is pretty much their PR MO.

    Anything more would require attention, care, and investing interest into the community, and that’s not been a focus for LL for quite some time now.

    • Let me first say, WOW! Thank you for the response. That was awesome to see this morning when I got up.

      I agree with you in a lot of ways. However, it sort of ignites the same old feelings of Linden Lab should put some god damn effort into it. Amazing photographers like Prairie Kawashima. Sydd Sinister, Sian Pearl, Fernandinha Zapedzki, and Kex Blackheart..,.. just to name ONLY a few…could enrich the shit out of the Second Life vision.

      I hope they can start to see what great non-traditional avies are out there. Their beauty sets them apart from so much “Barbie” that we’ve seen.

  2. Sarah says:

    I think it’s fine how it is. I’m Japanese and it doesn’t offend me. I don’t know why everything has to “get with the times” and add minorities to pacify people. Especially with SL, i think all the avatars they use for their little banners are ugly… but at the same time since I think that, I guess they could be any skin color, it wouldn’t matter to me. So you’re right but yet you’re not and the same for me.

  3. MandieZobovic says:

    The only thought I had to this banner was, “This is not cozy looking, when will they change it…” but understandable on the whole minorities issue. Either way, I think African American, White, Japanese, Native American, Woman, or even man…we’re going to buy some cozy clothes! :P

  4. Thanks everybody for the good comments! I appreciate you replies.

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