The Battle versus The War

I have a competition going with the blogger Chiana Oh. We try and out do each other with gifts of the funnest stuff in Second Life. Her last gift was this hair and she totally beat my ass. How can you NOT love this hair? It even has the frig magnets that you turn into funny words like “fart” or “buttz” or something.

So thank you Chiana Oh! You won this battle – but you won’t win the war! MUHAHAHAHA!

skin. Adore&Abhor. Nude Tan Dark Brows Frex
makeup. Adore&Abhor. Shreveport Lips Marigold
beauty mark. Adore&Abhor. Rockabilly Sweetheart Beauty Mark
hair. Paper Heart. Frigidhair – Black n’ Pink
glasses. Evilkyoot. Black Sunglasses
dress. Superbia. Stellar Dress. Blue
coat. Vero Modero. Fur Feather Coat
bracelet. Edge Grafica. 37 bracelet
pose. Frooti. Just a Girl


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3 thoughts on “The Battle versus The War

  1. chiana0 says:

    Hehe <3

  2. […] […]

  3. […] can see another style on my friend and awesome blogger’s page here that I bought her because I thought it was too epic not to share! […]

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