Desolation Jones

Today Chiana Oh introduced me to a sim called Abduction Alley. It’s a desert landscape with black crows, protroling cars, and a well captured desolation. I enjoyed every minute of it. A perfect landscape for photos and exploration, the sim offers up grim reminders of a short life on earth.

I matched up my macabre setting with some dark clothing. The new releases from Vero Modero including the dress and accessories. They are both well made and fun. I love the peek-a-boo sleeves and the highly detailed jewelry.

I dug out an old skin from Milk Motion, circa 2009. Smeared makeup and pale expression seemed to match the dust bowl town.

skin. Milk Motion. Ninon Pale T

makeup. R.icielli. Glamourize Make-up, black eyes
eyes. MiaSnow. Radiant Multi 1
hair. Analog Dog. Issues, Black
dress. Vero Modero. Selin Mesh Dress. black
leggings. &bean. Slick n Shiny Silver
shoes. McQueen Goth Boots
jewelry set. Vero Modero. Neptuno – includes horns, cuffs, necklace, earrings

Location: Abduction Alley.

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