DECO your wardrobe

So here is the second part of my DECO: Special Report. Let me begin by saying I’ve always had a special place in my heart for DECO. Orchid Zenovka had one of her first shops on my old sim Polly Jean. Back then she was only a line of Jewelry and now, it warms my heart to see her branch out. I love her style. Her nods to vintage, survivalist, and grunge – all at the same time.

This Parka is totally excellent. The texture is flawlessly realistic. You can actually hear the sound of parka as it rezzes – okay, maybe you can’t. But it sure feels like you should be able to hear the sound of that nylon rubbing against itself! The Snow Boots totally match the Parka. It’s like dreamy perfect.

One thing you have to wrestle with, but I found the perfect solution for you. The hood. It doesn’t give much room for an innuendo of a hair. I ended up at BOON and bought this bangs hair piece for only $50L. It included EVERY color and was totally perfect with the coat. Really it was a perfect match.


skin. Adore&Abhor. Nude Deep. No brow Frex
eyeliner. Adore&Abhor. Aztec Liner Chicomecoatl
blush. Adore&Abhor. Sick Day Blush
eyes. LeLutka. City. Sky
hair. BOON. Hairpiece. KOKU99. Black
nose. Calla. Captive Bead Septum Ring
tights. COCO. white leggings
gloves. A:S:S Decades. Short Silk Gloves
coat. Deco. Parka. coconut
boots. Deco. Snowboots. coconut

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One thought on “DECO your wardrobe

  1. Elia « says:

    […] with the hood – although it is probably roomy enough for a lot of short styles – but Marls put me on to these hairpieces by booN. These were only L$10 for a full-colour pack and I think they […]

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