What is Black, White and Red all over?

There are a bunch of answers you could give… here are some of my favorites:

A zebra that is sunburned.   |    A newspaper.   |    A raped woman. 

A Barbara Kruger photograph.

Actually, as I recall its the rape one that begets the Barbara Kruger one. Ms. Kruger was this bad ass feminist artist who did these amazing pieces only using the colors: black white and red. She created contrasting images with text that would pull at the viewers sensibilities.

I’m no fucking Barbara Kruger, but it did dawn on me that I was using her primary color palette in my image. This is actually a special report I’m doing on DECO. I’ve been a bad blogger. Mainly, I didn’t have the ability to see mesh, and now I can. The beautiful and vivacious Orchid Zenovka has sent me copious DECO gifts. It is now my turn to show them off proudly.

Let me first say the these cargo pants are the fucking shit. I bought a pair for Chiana Oh this morning because I was so god damn impressed with their texture, fit and total look and feel. When you buy a pair for $400, you get a free pair of shoes with it. The shoes fit perfectly with the cargos and continue the rugged outdoor theme. Overall it’s well worth spending the cash for them.

My next favorite item is the Slingback Bag. Holy shit – is it cool! The texture is flawless, hence why I have included a nice money shot of the detail. You really can’t go wrong. I’ve used these exact types of backpacks when hiking and they are super handy.

I have to say I was incredibly impressed with DECOs ability to handle mesh so soon after it was released. Truly impressive and perfectly textured.  Stay tuned for the full credits:

skin. Amacci Skin. Liane. Pruder – 00 Clear – Cleavage
eyes. Umeboshi. Ren3. Fudge
tattoo. Flaunt. Skulls n Bones Tattoo. Black-Faded. Full
top. Vanitas Vesture. Festivale TP Top 2
socks. DooDads. Ariel socks
hair. Raw House. Detroyer 2 (special edition 2-1-12)
ring. Hollyweird. HeXed Ring
glasses. Kumaki. Atmosphere 1.00
pants. DECO. Her Cargo Pants. Cherry
bag. DECO. Sling Pack. Gravel
shoes. DECO. DaisyWalkers. Licorice

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2 thoughts on “What is Black, White and Red all over?

  1. Love them pants gonna check those out!!

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