I am not a well-behaved woman.

So I have this real life drama unfolding. I am working for this organization that has a real asshole employed. He is this morbidly obese over-bearing bully who has totally tried to usurp every ounce of dignity I have publicly. He will make these passive-aggressive comments during meetings under his breath, so I have to stop the meeting ask him what he said. Then he will patronize me by saying “go on, go on…” and roll his eyes. He has outright waggled his finger directly at me like I am his 10 year old daughter. He has scolded me on what I SHOULD be doing with my time and how unprofessional I am conducting myself. When I have brought friends in to meet for lunch, he has literally stared down their tits like they were the latest Victoria Secret commercial on TV.

Overall, he’s a complete douche bag.

Now, that part I can get over. Honestly, I can. I realize he is probably a little mentally ill. My guess is he’s bipolar because one moment he can be kind and the next – attack. It is very reminiscent of my childhood with my mom. Also, I can choose to quit this job. It’s extra income, and I am finding new work in other avenues. So ultimately, this can be resolved quite quickly.

The part that sucks is the amount of arm chair psychology people have laid on MY BEHAVIOR. I am a woman, nearly 40 years old. I am of average body size, quick-witted, and was bullied a good portion of her childhood. (You see, I am the daughter of the principal of the Middle School I attended. Yes. Yes. It’s a certain ring of hell that I have lived through. I have been pushed against lockers, threatened, hid in fear in bathroom stalls, and basically have a well-developed eye for spotting bullies.)

So, when the douche bag starts playing his games in meetings – I am provoked. It is my instinct to defend myself. I will not, as an adult, put up with shit from his fat smelly asshole who gets his rocks off being a defiant prick. So, I talk back. I sass back. I am NOT well-behaved.

This upsets many people. Apparently, my social cue is NOT to defend myself – but to TAKE it. You know? Take it right up the ass. Bend over like a good little bitch and take it. Fuck that fucking shit.

I will NOT fucking stand by while some dickhead tries to embarrass me in front of my fucking peers. I will also NOT be spoken to like am a 10 year old girl. I will also NOT apologize for my behavior. It is my CHOICE to stand up to him.

So when my male coworkers are writing emails TELLING me that I am “taking it more personally than you should have” – my reaction is: I am not your well-behaved woman. Fuck off.

skin. Heartsick Skins. Misaki. Eternity – Florals
tattoo. Juicy Box. James Dean Affair
hair. VAUGHAN’S. Shaved Head – black
eyes. Umedama Holic. Black Pearl
outfit. Envious. Its Love Hate
shoes. Ducknipple. Pret-sel – Grunge
cuffs. Spork. S’Cuffs
necklace. KOSH. Shane Necklace
piercing. ellabella. Ivory

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6 thoughts on “I am not a well-behaved woman.

  1. You’re dead on, Marls. Fuck that bastard.

  2. Sunshine K says:

    Fucking tell him to his face. Issues solved. Or covertly let him read this post.

  3. I wish you could show up in this outfit. Kick his ass outta there!

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