Fashion Voodoo for the Cybernetic

I love me some cyberpunk. This gas mask from the shop A&Y is too fucking cool. It comes with a hud that you can change colors, smoke or no smoke, sound, resize etc. It’s so fucking cool, have I mentioned that? The details are perfect and it’s all sculpted, so you don’t have to worry if it’s mesh or not. Definitely worth picking up, along with the gorgeous skin from Mystic Canvas. Hubba hubba. I’m sorry, did you say something – I was staring at your breasts.

skin. Mystic Canvass. Tarnish – Voodoo D-cup Smokey Eye (Fashion Voodoo Only)
eyes. U-neek store. Oid Eyes – Aqua
makeup. Chus!. Voo Doo Sloth (Fashion Voodoo Only)
hair. EMO-tions. Windblown IV – Black
body suit. Chandelle. Body Deb – Black (Fashion Voodoo Only)
backpack. VOID. Gatline Army Backpack (Fashion Voodoo Only)
gasmask. A&Y. Cyber Gas Makes Inferno (Fashion Voodoo Only)

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Voodoo for the Cybernetic

  1. That’s a gorgeous photo. Kudos!

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