The Black Rhino: Critically Endangered Because of Asshole Poachers

Let’s cut the chase, shall we? The reason that the Black Rhino is down to ONLY 3,500 LEFT ON THE WORLD is because of poachers. They will shoot the animal first, then cut off it’s horn and sell it on the black market for about 50 grand.

Nice, huh? The ultimate ‘FUCK YOU‘ to the rhino.

The Black Rhino is considered ‘Critically Endangered’ and unlike other animals on the List, rhino’s habitat is not the reason for it’s slow demise. It’s on that List because the poachers choose to kill the animal, rather than tranquilize it to saw off the horn. This has been such a problem that conservationists have started sawing off the horns, themselves, to try and circumvent the animal being shot.

These rhinos are now literally kept under armed guards to protect them. Even at night, they are locked in sanctioned areas which poachers have “attacked” and murdered the guards just to get to the animal.

It saddens me to no end that these amazing prehistoric-looking creatures are plagued by poaching douche-bags. Sometimes I can only hope that the balance of things will even out for the rhinos. Maybe one day, rhino’s can hunt the poachers and cut their dicks off to mount them above THEIR fireplaces.

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3 thoughts on “The Black Rhino: Critically Endangered Because of Asshole Poachers

  1. […] Marleen Vaughan of coffeesmoke writes a disturbing blog post on the Black Rhino, who is critically endangered animal. Siting poaching as the number one reason for the rhino’s plight, you can read the full entry here: […]

  2. That is so sad – and so wrong. Great post Marls x

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