MiaSnow Roof Top Sale

It’s my birthday today, in real life. I am steadily approaching 40 and still I “play” Second Life. Sometimes I wonder why and then I look at the content created by visionaries like Mia Snow. It’s not easy being into Second Life. There isn’t ever anyone that LIGHTS UP when you tell them what you do with some of your free time. I try to explain how it’s a creative medium for me. How I have been in the game some long that I just love creating and exploring new ideas brought to life.

People usually humor me and smile. I quickly change the subject back onto them.

Mia Snow has a roof top sale going on right now. Her sim is a little scattered at the moment, but I’ve included a good teleport to the sale spot. Take advantage of the opportunity of getting something new, wonkey and delightful to your avie’s eyes! It’s well worth the duckets!

Taxi: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Twomoons%20Island/48/110/35

skin: MiaSnow. Emily – Tan
eyes: MiaSnow. Radiant – multi **
outfit: MiaSnow. Bundly Sweater Outfit (includes boots) **
tights: MiaSnow. Rainbow Tights **
nails: croire. vixen nails – fire
hair: Kin. Eku – black
ears: phresh. Bublee Earrings – gold
ring: MiaSnow. Ring Bop – citrine **
piercing: Tameless. Piercing 12
mint: MiaSnow. Mint for your Mouth **

** Sale Item!

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