I’m a proud blogger for Concerned Bloggers Association. Help us get the word out to Second Life avies everywhere!

Concerned Bloggers Association

Concerned Bloggers Association wants you to know that YOU ARE ALWAYS welcome! We are totally accepting of all Second Life avies from furries to goreans, child avies to half-ewes, ALL WALKS of AVIES are welcome. Just be a blogger, and we’ll have you as our own!


Contact Marleen Vaughan, in world, to find out more. I can also be reached via plurk, facebook or email: marleen.vaughan@gmail.com.

We really would love to have you! Don’t be shy!

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2 thoughts on “

  1. Que says:

    Might want to fix that sign there. First line is incorrect. “Do you love to help charities?” is the correct way to say it.

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