Summer Finds

So, I’ve been doing some shopping this weekend in Second Life. When I’ve decided I wouldn’t mind spending some money around the grid, I always look in my inventory to see what stores I’ve bought from and see what’s new.

First stop was Crazy. I really enjoy the style of this shop: color/fabric choices, quality of sculpts, and just lovely style. Although, sometimes it’s a little too sexual for my tastes. (In my old SL age, I’ve found that breast lose power if they are exposed too much. Just ask any stripper.) I found these totally terrific boots! They were pretty reasonably priced, cute and BLACK. Me loves some black boots. The color HUD is definitely lacking when it comes to matching skintones, but if you’re riding HONKEY – you should be okay.

Next up, GATO. I love love love love love love this dress. It’s summer, cute and totally fun-tastic. You can’t go wrong with little strawberries for Pete’s sake! I think the dress was under $100L and totally worth it. Just remember Momma raised you right, so wear some panties.

Lastly were the accessories! I picked up my hair at Pocket Mirrors which really does vintage to the nines. Sometimes I like hair that has more of a classic SL look, the realism thing sorta chokes you after a while. After that, I went to Juicy Box to pick up a nice sleeve tattoo. Her prices are SUPER low and her designs are totally classic. I’ve worn her ink before and I just love her subject matter. There isn’t anything force, it’s the most natural tattoos I’ve seen in SL. Then came my favorite, DooDads! I have never minced words at how much I adore Paisley Mizin. She’s the cat’s meow. Her latest rounds of designs are even better than her classic works. I just love the whimsey and wonder she captures. Right now, she’s got a store over on Mia Snow’s sim – just look for the alien abduction trailer park!

Okay. I’ve ranted enough! *claps!* YAY! Enjoy the summer weather coming your way, and make sure you wear sunscreen!


skin: Pulse. Mystere Skin – Tone 2 No.12
eyes: Umedama Holic. Koi, blue
hair: Pocket Mirrors. Scarlet Semi-Updo, Majestic
tattoo: Juicy Box. Shaadi Tattoo
dress: GATO. Fresa Dress
boots: Crazy. Caligo Boots
jewelry: DooDads. Medieval, amber
lip: Holes. Double Right Lip Piercing
ring: RANGS. Curves Ring, orange

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2 thoughts on “Summer Finds

  1. Thanks for the compliments Marls!!!

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