My Mother’s Day is like Your Valentine’s Day

Yep. It sucks that bad.

Mother’s Day just isn’t easy for me. Being the child of a severely mentally ill mother has brought new meaning to the holiday. You become torn between so many emotions, that it is a constant battle for sanity inside your head. Not everyone has a dream childhood and certainly not everyone had an inspirational mother.

You know what I loath especially? All those fucking commercials from Hallmark about “tell me how great of a mother I am to you” bullshit. Each time they air, they are a slug in the gut and a reminder of how fucking “not normal” you are compared to everyone else.

Well, how do we get through the day? Those who don’t have those storybook memories.. Here are my recommendations:

  1. Napping. Napping is essential. A well rested mind is an adept mind at all the emotional terrorism around you.
  2. Food. Eating healthy on the big day is another step in the right direction. A protein, carb and fat will do you just right. They will make your body feel happy and not drained of anything it needs. Binge eating on OREOs is the last thing you body wants, make it happy with some chicken, rice and a salad.
  3. Sunshine. I realize this is sorta dependent on the atmosphere, but see what you can do. 15+ minutes of un-sunscreened sunshine is good for the body and Vitamin D.
  4. Music. Now is not the time to get our your Aimee Mann collection. How about you bring out the Big Chill soundtrack or some bad ass Marvin Gaye? Motown is wonderful for getting you light in your feet and a small spring your step.
  5. Film/TV. DO NOT GO NEAR LIFETIME CHANNEL FOR WOMEN. Fuck that shit. Move along, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Let’s whip out some sci-fi! How about the Fifth Element? That’s a fantastic movie! Or maybe some Bladerunner, mixed with Aliens. It’s about detaching from the stressors. Letting them go and getting through the day.

Welp. That’s what I got. I realize a lot of peeps might go for the booze and weed, but as you get older those antics become tiresome. Let’s just go for some healthy coping skills on this tough day. If you ever wanna talk about it inworld, I’m here. Just look me up. I got your back.

Love you.

skin: PULSE SKIN. Mystere Skin – Tone 2, No. 27 Enhanced
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smoke: Nightshade Designs. London Fog clove

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One thought on “My Mother’s Day is like Your Valentine’s Day

  1. anabellesphere says:

    That is a lot of deal with. Wonderful advice Marl’s!! Thank you :D

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