No Boys Allowed.

The feeds are swarming with posts on Culture Shock in the last few days. This is a most excellent thing. I, too, wanted to join in on the fun but definitely didn’t wanna go the traditional angle. All the beautiful ladies designs had been well covered and will continue to be blogged about for the next month. It’s a sad fact of Second Life, ladies rule – boys drool.

So this morning, I went with the intention of finding some men’s items that donated to the cause. I fucking love having a female avie in a men’s full suit. Tre sexeh. (By and by, I do recommed Shai Delacroix’s men’s shop for the best suits. She has a special touch with menswear and her details are fabulous.)

I will be fucking damned if I could only find ONE outfit that was menswear AND donated to the Médecins Sans Frontières. Photos Nikolaidis of A:S:S, come on DOWN! You’re the winner! *confetti* Thank you for representing the lads even though we know you are fully capable of doing some gorgeously dramatic designs for ladies.

CAVEAT. I realize I may be incorrect that A:S:S is the “only” male clothing designs in the entire event. I did thoroughly look through the entire show, however humanity is flawed. I would love to be proven wrong, and would promise to go right over and buy those new said clothes. There were plenty of outfits that were men’s, but they did NOT contribute to the cause. I only purchase items that donate.

Well boys. Looks like you’ve been shafted again. I guess we’re making up for some lost time in real life. Suck it up, put on your Big-Boy hat, and hold your girlfriend’s purse like a real man would.

skin: dekade. Daria, Light LB (Culture Shock)
spot: A:S:S Decades. Mouche – Flirtatious (Culture Shock – free)
eyes: Poetic Colors. Ocean, Carribbean Reef
outfit: A:S:S. Decades. Etienne (Culture Shock)
hair: W&Y. New 143, Mocha
shoes: GOS. Pimp Your Pumps V2, Maryjane Court – Red
ring: Donna Flora. BICE Ring

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