The Mentally Ill are not without their Charms


Check it. I love me some crazy hair… and if you like them too, this is a perfect hunt. It’s fun, not too long , and has an amazing collection of styles that will totally knock your socks off.

Spider Plant by Rosy Mood and Spring Lilly Hair by RIPE
I love Spider Plants. My mom always had them in the house and they always had those crazy off-shoots just like Rosy Mood designed. It warmed my heart to open this hair and try it on! The color is perfect and the shape completely compliments the function of hair.

Ripe’s Spring Lilly has the volume I love love love, without actually being tall. You don’t need to zoom the camea way out to capture the entire feeling of the hair. The butterflies are animated perfect to flit around the bloom and she goes old school with a hair base to link the two parts.

Pig Hair by Censored and Froggie by Calico Ingmann Creations
This pig is pretty damn cute. I’m a sucker for cute, and this totally hits the nail on the head. Along with the hair, you get a even cuter pig nose. I mean, honestly. It’s like straight out of cute-topia.

Froggie is actually, hands down, my favorite hair in all the Hunt. Calico’s design is flawless, the texturing is spot on, and it feels like the perfect marriage of hair and wildlife. This hair makes me feel like She-Hulk with it’s perfect shade of green and it I love it. It truly is a great design.

Purple Mystica Headdress by M&K and Effervescent Chrysalis by Yasyn
I have no idea why I am drawn to this flora design by M&K. It rests on the top your head like you just popped out of a lily pad water field. There isn’t any back to the design, but it feels like the perfect accessory. Part hat, part flora, all wonderful!

The butterfly hair, which is what I call it, is sooooooo pretty. It’s magical. Yasyn did a fantastic job making the butterflies glow with beauty and I think my chocolate skin makes it pop even more against the raven hair. Delicate and lovely are this hair.

Rose Fairy by Bingo and Carrot Top Mowwy by The u-neek Shop
I love the texture of the rose petals by Bingo. This is one to pick up. I can totally see this going into some editorial spread for blogging high fashion. The colors are wonderfully bright and make the design pop even more.

My last favorite design is by Treebee, founder of the Crazy Hair Hunt. Treebee actually created MANY designs for this hunt, but I love me some mohawk. Always have and always will. The Carrot Top is witty and fun, perfect for a night out going to indie clubs and being silly.

Honestly, I took a dozen more pictures of all the hairs I love…there are just SO MANY. For a complete listing of all the hairs you can get through the Crazy Hair Hunt, check out this blog post by Eden Knoller on Free Style:

Worn throughout the pictures…
skin: Heartsick Skins. Devotion: Eternity: Tinsel C/F/DB
eyes: BBQQ. eyes01. Dark Brown
top: Crazy. Gham Shirt
shorts: Erratic. Nikki. Sequened Hotpants
ring: Eclectica Enchanted Dress Ring – Lilac
pose: PDA

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