The Sweetest Fucking Things EVER

Yeah. This is another Fashion for Life post, but no.. it’s not another FLOOFY dress.

Not that there is anything wrong with floofy dresses and big hats. I’m all for that shit. To all the bloggers out there working their asses off promoting Fashion for Life – you’re the best. And if ever you need a personal favor,like 5 bucks or borrow my cupcake tins, YOU GOT IT!

I wanted to write something that struck me as totally sweet. Sweet in kindness and Sweet as in a great fucking deal. Let’s start with kindness….

Razorblade Jacket doesn’t strike you as a shop you would cuddle in…. It makes hard edge fashion, accessories and has a wicked sense of humor. The shop is run by Kehl Razor and Heather Smithson. I’ve worked with Heather on all the Depraved Nation events and she’s totally got her shit together. The Fashion for Life booth set up for them, was by Kehl. If you look at his profile picture – SO GROSS! *laughs* but I think he likes it that way, so well done! Anyways, he set up the booth and it is soooooooooo sweet. He ONLY put for sale items that would go for the American Red Cross AND he made a HUGE sign saying “I love you Mom”.

Razorblade Jacket's shop at Fashion for Life

I totally got choked up. Simplicity in design made for a MUCH more powerful statement. Well done, Kehl.

Now for the Sweet Deal.

GOS. We love Gos. The Gos shop at Fashion for life has FAT PACKS of new heels priced at $200L. FUCKING TWO HUNDRED LINDEN! OMG. Get your fucking asses down there and pick those bitches up!

GOS shop at Fashion for Life

Both of these shops are located here:

Honestly… It doesn’t get much better than SWEET.

skin: HeartSick. Misaki: Eternity: Florals (FASHION FOR LIFE, Gacha)
eyes: ROZENA. Daily Eye, sea (FASHION FOR LIFE, Gacha)
shorts: erratic. nikki – sequin hotpants / stripes 1 (FASHION FOR LIFE)
shirt: Razorblade Jacket. VNeck Purple (FASHION FOR LIFE)
half shirt: Razorblade Jacket. Plain Black Half Shirt (FASHION FOR LIFE)
shoes: GOS. Posh Bootie, Obsidian (FASHION FOR LIFE)
ring: je suis. tente, fire ring (FASHION FOR LIFE, Gacha)

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2 thoughts on “The Sweetest Fucking Things EVER

  1. You’re so funny Marleen. You crack me up.

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