either or

I couldn’t decide which emotion I liked better in the photos I took of Sian Pearl and myself. She’s the bald beauty in black skin, and I’m the grey android throwing myself at her. This image captures how regal Sian is to me. Poet. Cyber. Goddess. With my top hat and cane, I attempt to make equal banter. Sometimes I fall short.

The second image reminds me of a movie.. like Signory Weaver just coming out of being CLONkED on the head…and seeing Sian there looking down at her. Signory would wonder, “where am I?” “who is this bald Welsh woman looking at me?” “what the fuck is going on?” Of course, that would be the beginning of a flashback scene to the spaceship crash landing.

Crash landings are always difficult,” I would say in a comforting tone as I took the cash out of her wallet.

..credits (Sian)
[NeurolaB Inc.] Xtrema ankle boots
[ELIXIR] Mini Driver; Kevlar Shoulders; Xenophon Collar-RED
[Miss Shippe’s Studio] Brows-B-Gone
[Nuuna] AstroGlam Red Makeup
[the body co] chocolata – and cleavage full (golden ebony)
[Amorous] Audiopunk Headphones 
[negaposi] ELFIN EYES – White Out (left eyeball)
Tech eyepiece
[B@D] 001Y – cyber radar wristwatch f
[E.S] USB & Plug Piercing Female V.2(chest)

..credits (Marls)
skin. Katsucide. Sandra Cendre, Tan Empoisonee
eyes. The U-neek. OOTW, green
hair. ZION. Rebirth.
top: E-Clipse. Kyllikki Coat, Apple green
bottom. E-Clipse. Kyllikki Pants, Apple gree
crotch. NeurolaB. Sesiva Pussy Jewel
shoes. GOS. GTFO Boot, black

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2 thoughts on “either or

  1. Kitti Wytchwood says:

    Love it – poor Weaver, lol :P

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