Whore Couture Bullshit

At first I thought it was a joke on plurk… but then, I realized it wasn’t: Whore Couture.
What the fuck?

I wouldn’t say that I am prude. I’ve clearly blogged nudity in the past, and even promoted some of the sponsor’s products. I’ve written about rape, prostate exams, breast health and sexuality without pause. I believe in an open candid society where we get shit off our chests and spill it out on the table for examination. The examining part being the most important, otherwise you’re just whiny and without the intelligence to act.

I would say that I take the idea of “whore” seriously. It isn’t some word that comes flying out of my mouth, as a pet name for my “friends”. Nor is it often used as an insult to women who are very promiscuous. I have learned, through Women’s Studies classes and personal experience, that women are their own worst enemies. We will cut each other down, shame one another, and make sure we do not fall out of line with what society wants. This has been depicted in literature, film, the arts and very much in mass-media television. I think dollar for dollar, FOX and CW channels have made 90% of their income on women shitting on other women.

So, what’s the connection to Whore Couture? This is a representation of women being derogatory to themselves and fanning the flames of stereotypes. Seriously? A vaginal sucker? Really? A condom laced tongue?

It’s like they think porn stars are amazing and have a wonderful life! Nevermind the flair-ups of herpes, HIV scares and getting gang raped for film. Where is the wonder in that? Where is the beauty in that? Where is the fucking self-respect?

I hate to burst your bubbles, girls, but life only gets more difficult and beauty fades. Then one morning, you wake up with 4 kids, a bad case of the clap and husband that sees you as sperm receptacle.

Then again, there is always fetish porn. I am sure you can find some great work crushing bugs between your sagging tits, or shoving ping-pong balls up your scarred vagina.

This is not what I want see, hear about, or even talk about… so why is it even apart of our Second Life community?

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10 thoughts on “Whore Couture Bullshit

  1. Oh no this is going to be a big fair in SL amazing ha!

  2. Ann Otoole InSL says:

    lol I saw that store. I laughed out loud irl. Something for everyone in Second Life right? There are other stripper wear stores too. Believe me there are far worse things to bitch about in SL than this sort of thing. By all means ostracize yourself all you want. Or you can just stay in your safe place alone and have a nice quiet SL like I do. BTW, the way I usually dress? You would probably call me names too. But you can’t see me because I have parcel privacy turned on.

    • It’s actually a hunt, not a single shop.

      I don’t feel I am ostracizing. I am merely expressing my opinion regarding the popularization of the word “whore” and its intent.

      I wouldn’t call you any names. Why would I do that? I don’t even know you?

  3. Sian Pearl says:

    I’m with you, Marls. 100%.

    Except of course much of the fetish/slutty sex thing in SL is perpetrated by men.

  4. Sian Pearl says:

    BTW you might also be interested in this post by Kitti Wytchwood: http://kittiwytchwood.blogspot.com/2012/02/on-being-offended.html

  5. Well certainly you’ve noticed that many many women dress entirely like whores in Second Life? It’s normal (for some reason) so this hunt is just stating the obvious. I bet that hunt will be extremely popular. Just look at 80% of the clothing stores in Second Life and they cater to the ultra sexy skank slutty types. I’ve never understood the desire to dress like that myself. I’d rather be creative, funny or interesting. I’ve always assumed that these women in real life are not sexy and love the chance to be sexy and desirable anyplace. So who am I to judge?

  6. drake1nightfire says:

    Seeing as LL saw the need to move all “adult” activity to its own mainland and the number one job in SL is dancer/stripper/escort, just after DJ which is kinda the same thing, is it really a surprise?

  7. drake1nightfire says:

    Just to point out..
    “I hate to burst your bubbles, girls, but life only gets more difficult and beauty fades. Then one morning, you wake up with 4 kids, a bad case of the clap and husband that sees you as sperm receptacle.”
    That isn’t gonna happen in SL, unless you want it to.

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