Skin is fun. It covers your WHOLE body.

Sileny Noel makes skins. She’s super spiffy at it. I like that. I wish I could make skins. If I did, I would charge like a zillion linden for them because that’s the kind of selfish twat that I am… she doesn’t do that tho. She’s super nice. You should totally go to the Festival of Sin and buy her skins. I think they are delicious. They come with freckles versions and 4 eyebrow colors. I think that’s neato. Did I mention Adore&Abhor is super cool? They are.

I’m gonna go watch The Walking Dead now. *waves frantically* See yas!

skin: Adore&Abhor. Peacock Deep (Festival of Sin)
eyes: Rozena. Caramel
hair: Sugarsmack. Adora, licorice (Festival of Sin)
earrings: Cabaret. Rihanna Earrings
necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry. Tangled Mess (Festival of Sin)
ring: Barbie Bitch. Jack or Jill Hunt Ring
smoke: Nightshade Designs. London Fog, clove
top: BP. Frill Shirt, white
skirt: GATO. Gallina Skirt
shoes: GATO. Rosario Bootie
bag: PACADI. Yfke Bag

Skinned Knee I got like 5 years ago. Sorry.

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2 thoughts on “Skin is fun. It covers your WHOLE body.

  1. You’re so cute! *waves frantically back*

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