My Favorite Sins

I’m a poker. I mean I like to poke around and look at other peoples designs. I truly admire those who can produce items that are beyond my reach. I found some of those amazing works at the Festival of Sin! Here are some of my favorite sins.


This is actually a complete SET with poseballs and everything by Tableau Vivant. It’s moody, luxurious and completely menacing. I could only photograph a portion of the set because some of it is MESH. Sadly, that ship has not come in for me yet… *sighs* The outfit came together quickly, once I had laid out the prims. The Domme Skin, Medusa Necklace and Eclat unmentionables all seemed to fall into place.

set: Tableau Vivant. 7 Sins – Wrath
skin: las petite morte. domme skin
hair: Amacci. Paz – jet black
outfit: Eclat. Black Beauty
necklace: A:S:S deLuxe – Medusea (with Monroe Piercing)

Shoes and Eyes not from the Festival of Sin, but they are GOS and Poetic Colors – of course!


I fucking love this avie. Gilded put this together: the shape, body physics, and a gluttonous AO. It’s brilliant. I was thrilled that a designer went for the jugular with this sin. Brilliant. I matched it up with a pants and top from {K}Rea, who probably didn’t expect to be matched up with this avatar. Beauty meet Beast.

body: gilded. Hoss Shape & Physics
AO: gilded. AO
top: {K}Rea. Candy Pants, blackberry
bottom: {K}Rea. Stained Shirt, black

Donut and Drink are available in the GLUTTONY portion of the sim. Shoes are from Hoorenbeek and the Shaved Head is my own. The skin is DEN-DOU Eito ate the chocolate too much.

vanity and greed

When I loaded this pose set by Adorkable Peapod, I was thrilled. I couldn’t help but want to profile ALL the poses. Definitely worth picking up while you’re at the Festival. It was an easy match up with Adore & Abhor‘s dress and Dark Mouses‘ new jewelry set, but I had a hard time choosing a skin. I ended up with Amacci‘s Laine skin because, well, look at the tits! They don’t get much better than that.  I wish I had those melons in RL. *puts a pencil in between them*

pose collection: Adorkable Legs 1 thru 10
skin: Amacci. Laine, pruder clear cleavage
dress: Adore & Abhor. Gloria Dress
jewelry: Dark Mouse. Avidita Earrings & Bangle

Hair by boon, Shoes by Nardcotic and eyes by Kiwi.

I think everyone will find a special something in this Festival of Sin. It starts tomorrow, so be ready. I know I am!

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Sins

  1. Your legs are so sexy! <3

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