1 in 6 by age 18

In January, the U.S. Federal Justice Department finally got something right. They expanded the definition of RAPE to  include men. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a pretty big deal. Since 1929 rape had been defined as “the carnal knowledge of a female, forcibly and against her will.

The sad fact is that 1 in 6 males have been the victim of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences by the age of 18.

1 in 6 by age 18

That statistic fucking shocked me.

A good deal of what is working against men is the social stereotypes of masculinity. Boys don’t cry. Men don’t have feelings. Men aren’t soft. All these complex layers of bullshit surrounding men and can influence them.

Being a woman, I understand it is difficult to grasp what it means to be a man. But my experiences WITH men can tell me this… they don’t go to the fucking doctor. Take a majority of all my past boyfriends, and everyone of them put up a fight with me about seeing a doctor. Just for a checkup. I guess there are theories of mortality, fear of being touched, and probably ‘ignorance is bliss’ is mixed in there too.

So this example of a simple check up makes me think that a male victim of rape has the need and want, but maybe not the voice. My heart goes out to you so very much.

While researching this subject, I found a nonprofit this solely assists men. 1in6.org is an online community created to give men and boys a voice. To help them find answers and to offer them outreach services. This is what I can offer you right now, and I know it doesn’t feel like much. But maybe, this will lead down the road to more.


This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by the Concerned Bloggers Association. If you would like to become involved, please contact Marleen Vaughan for more information.

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3 thoughts on “1 in 6 by age 18

  1. […] 1 in 6 males are the victims of some kind of sexual assault by age 18. Isn’t that nuts? You can read more on Marleen Vaughan‘s post on coffeesmoke. Click here: https://coffeesmoke.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/1in6byage18/ […]

  2. This is very true, and so sad. There was recently a major legal battle in Ireland for victims of sexual abuse by some past Government Agencies that cared for children. They knew that unfortunately in their efforts to compensate the victims, they were lacking cases brought forward by Males. Because especially when these events occurred and years later, it was so hard for Men to come forward and admit to having been a victim of such horrors.
    I hope that this legal change, helps Men understand that there is a place for them to feel safe and help others help them.


    • I do so too, Sasy. The United States has been plagued with the boys coming forward for sexual assaults made by catholic priests. Honestly, it is horrifying to even imagine someone you trust so much, taking advantage of you.

      Thank you so much for your comment <3

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