Love Machine

Cutea Benelli of Grim Bros. fame has put together a little wristband of love and doom. I say love because it’s under the guise of being a compliment generator, but it ends up totally fail. She’s created the Cyranomatic Clumsy Compliment Generator and it’s awesome.

Here is just a taste of the compliments Miss Benelli stirs in her pot o’ love:

The multiple warts of your stinging voice is so cute it makes me vomit in my mouth.
The bright disposition of your broken lips makes me want to mash kittens and then more kittens.
The desperate dignity of your underwhelming penis reminds me of why i dislike gravy.
The outline of your insecurity makes me lose my will to live.

So, if you’re a socially awkward shy avie – I would mark your calendar for the Tainted Love Hunt. She’s giving this away as a prize and it’s well worth searching her huge store!

Also, the Barbie Bitch ring I’m wearing is tre pretty. I’ve always loved the black gem stone rings. It’s being given away as part of the Jack or Jill Hunt.

Both grid wide hunts start on February 1st, so get your shit together to get some uber cool stuff!

skin: Shiva. Maria Skin (The Cafe Hunt)
eyes: Umedama Holic. Black Pearl
hair: BOON. WMO003, mat
nails: mock. Pink Cabaret Nails (La Venta Eventa)
bottoms: Somnia. Button Flap Jeans, teal (La Venta Eventa)
top: KUROTSUBAKI. blue tunic
shoes: BubbleCakes. Brown Uggs
ring: Barbie Bitch. Exclusive Ring (Jack or Jill Hunt)
earrings: HOC Apparel. Avocado Earrings
bracelet: Grim Bros. Cyranomatic 1.0 (Tainted Love Hunt)

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2 thoughts on “Love Machine

  1. Cutea Benelli is one of the most incredibly talented creative lovely people in sl :)

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