The Cafe Hunt Offers A Buffet!

I love grid hunts, as you have seen from my other posts, and The Cafe Hunt is no different. Sponsored by Little Crown, they put together a list of some great designers and charming gifts for the Second Lifer.

happy time!

Everything shown in these pictures is a gift from the hunt: skin, nails, hair, glasses, clothing, furniture. It was very generous. Here are some more favorites that aren’t depicted in the photos. There was SO much loot that I couldn’t take snaps of everything….

1. LIKKA HOUSE‘s  awesome waiter outfit. Here’s a link to the blog with the picture.

2. Ducknipple‘s outfit. The skirt is sculpted prim and it’s awesome. SOOOOOO cute.

3. Sweet Harmony‘s Building. It’s a lovely little home.

4. Ribbon‘s Food Trays. There are like 4 different trays and they will make you very hungry.

5. ZZANG‘s cookie poses! These are adorable! I love the cooooooookies!

Here’s the starting point: You’re looking for a little pink and white coffee cup. Get crackin’! :) OX

who farted?

photo credit 1………………..
Epic’s Kawaii Monkey Business Purse, bitter vanilla’s Kitchen Tools, NAMINOKE’s Red Bunny Coffee, with [KUE!] Cafe Gamma, a wearable coffee display.

photo credit 2………………..
skin: Shiva. Maria 1 Skin
eyes: pulcino. Quartz, brown
nails: croire. Vixen Nails, fire
hair: Vaughan’s house of curiosities. Verde Vida, brown
bottoms: NV Madworld. Show Off Baggy Pants
top: Needful Things. Winter Melody, coffee
necklace: Sweet Leonard. Let me love you necklace
glasses. AIR. Cresta Glasses
shoes: .XIV. Anna’s Flats, maroon

Pose from Amato (standing pose) and the chair is from Boof.

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