Year In Review: Top 5 Blogs in 2011

There are so many lists out there of all the cool stuff you should buy in Second Life. All the top designers, shoe makers, skins, poses, blah blah blah. Well, what about the girls who spend their free time and money advertising all these beautiful things for YOU!

Whether you like it or not, bloggers are part of the equation. I wanted to share, because no one asked me to, some of my personal favorites.

NOTE: I do not know ANY of these people in Second Life or in real life.


Syra Hyun
This woman knows how to put some shit together and make it sing. She has a stunning eye for detail and beautiful composition in her photographs. They are totally works of art.  Also, if you look back at her beginning 2011 you can see how much she has developed her skills. She’s gotten more brash and bold about doing avant garde images and doesn’t seem afraid of anything you put in front of her.

Syra Hyun, Red Silk (12/6/11)



Flower Ducatillon
I really love that a majority of her Second Life images are on location. I think that is totally fantastic and sets the tone for her styles. Her choices are often go between the extremes of whimisical and dream-like. I very much enjoy the variety. Also, her avie shape is really pleasant to look at. She doesn’t have the downward turned lips and an alien-shaped head.

Flower Ducatillon, Finally Friday (10/11)



Dantelicia Ethaniel
Dantelicia’s work transcends all traditional SL fashion blogs. Her work is art. Pure and Simple. If you look at her flickr stream: you will see countless examples of the most beautiful images. She understands a woman’s body and it’s form in virtually any setting. Abstract to portrait, restrained to visceral… it’s a beautiful thing to admire.

Dantelicia Ethaniel, Karin.. (10/15/11)



Kex Blackheart
I call dark skinned beauties in Second Life “chocolate bears” because they are yummy and I wants to eats them up! (For the record, I call pale skinned avies “honkeys ” because it makes me laugh.) Kex is definitely a chocolate bear. She’s got a totally unique shape, fucking fantastic sense of design, and gorgeous portfolio of blog images. Sadly, she doesn’t blog that often – but when she does, she makes it worth your while. She’s unique and lovely, and I completely admire that.

Kex Blackheart, Fly Girl In Living Color (12/10/2011)



Brie Wonder
Brie’s latest post blew my socks off when I first set eyes on it. Only a few days ago, the simplicity of it all seemed so elegant and jarring at the same time. What is the woman doing there with all the camera equipment around her? Why is she in her panties? It reminded me so much of how Degas would compose his paintings. Juxtaposed to infer a story, without actually telling it. I’ve got my eye on Token Chic.

Brie Wonder, among the cut (12/29/11)

I hope you dig the names I’ve mentioned and maybe discovered their beauty too! It was such a pleasure to go through each set of images for a year and watch the progress unfold. Anyways, this is just one gal’s opinion on something special in Second Life. Happy New Year.

Marls XOXO

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2 thoughts on “Year In Review: Top 5 Blogs in 2011

  1. Brie Wonder says:

    hey thanks! …and ‘why is she in her panties?’….I frequently ask myself this as well..

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