Private Room Event Shrouded in Mystery

Reporter Marleen Vaughan is on the job!

I kept hearing about this Private Room Event thru all my Fashion Group Notices. I admit, I’m a sucker for some mystery. I TP-ed to the first landmark given, and found out they had been shut down. This peaked my curiosity even more. So, I put on my Researcher Hat (I should make one of those!) and found out the group was started by Dedelf  Molinaro. I also saw she had an open enrollment for the Private Event VIP Group, so I joined. This would keep me informed on where they were going to pop up next.

Private Room Building, external view

And they DID pop up, the next day. As you can see, it’s a circular building all separated by fashion categories which include: Hair, Clothing, Skin, Shape, Make Up & Tattoo, Accessories, Poses and Shoes. Here is a list of all the brands they are pimping:

Al vulo, Krasota , {Suicidal Kiss} , [Bad. Romance ] Nic0 Teen Love , Petit pois , MaireDoll, [DLL], Retro’,Pepper, Glue Ink, ::LEO-NT:: , Sweet Sin , Salt and Pepper, *Epic*, CandyDoll, Blah, {Trinket} , Label Mode and Label Motion , Blanco. , Delicious , GENRE! , Anthem , Sakide ,{ Lyric} , Dead Apples, LA2 Store, HolliPocket, вℓαн, Candydoll, MARIKO, Anthem, Lethal, ……… and more are coming !!!

Personally, I  took advantage of the make ups and the poses. Tee hee! Here’s some pictures of the various rooms.

Clothing Room

Hair Room

While some of the items are bit…. youthful (I’m thinking of the “condom on the tongue” accessory), they do have some excellent deals. You can get a bunch of skins for $100L a pop and there are some good clothing deals. I am not really sure if the stuff offered here, is only offered HERE. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of information shared about premise of the Private Room, but it’s worth exploring.

Skin Room

Poses Room

Here is the CORRECT taxi to the shop:
Join the group and stay on top of it… who knows? You might find that right shade of “tongue condom” you’ve been looking for!

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