Toxic Behavior

Toxic behaviors are a sustained pattern of dehumanizing, humiliating or harassing statements or actions that go beyond providing constructive criticism. The behaviors are forms of aggression that are harmful and damaging.

I was reading through the blog The Rumor tonight. It made me sad how much snark, humiliation, and degrading antics were paraded around. I even plurked about it:  It’s like their marketing strategy is to be as mean as they possibly can – and then brag about it.

When did this become cool?

I’ve worked in the professional creative industry for 10+ years, and I have only seen this type of behavior from whorish creative directors that do blow in their offices and wander around the rest of the day stoned. It’s like their megalomania is turned up to eleven. I mean, honestly?

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I loath bitchy, rich (and cheap), bullies who are drunk on pretend power, but when did ‘hate‘ become a marketing plan for Second Life. Way to alienate whole populations of content creators. Score one for The Rumor. Well done.

dress: Slow Kitchen. Fluffy Dress, black
skin: Mother Goose. Hena, 2 LB
hair: Pocket Mirrors. Sabriane Semi-Updo, black
shoes: Nardcotix. Nara Chunky Pump, black
shoulder tattoo: Letis Tattoo. Amare, 100% MM929
leg tattoo: Juicy Box. Captain of my soul
cuffs: LP. Multi Wrist Bands
gas mask: Daft Gas Mask *no longer for sale?

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5 thoughts on “Toxic Behavior

  1. […] love with the Nara Chunky Pumps. The Nara heel has a row of studs running up the back of the shoe, if you look at my last post, you can see them from behind. They are only $135L at the sale price and come in all these […]

  2. Reading those comments on plurk just upset me. Sometimes I hate people.

    • Don’t be upset. I shoulda just kept my mouth shut and not said anything about the Bullys. I always feel compelled to like “speak out” – but really I just make a muck of everything. Honestly, my heart was in the right place. Bleh. New Years resolution: Marls thinks before she types.

  3. No, you were right to speak out against bullying. You did the right thing. I know that I would never want to join that group. They say in their group profile that they encourage bitchiness (or something similar). No thanks, I try to avoid bitches and negative toxic behavior. Life is too short.

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