You Can’t Imagine the Love.

All of the animals in my real life are adopted or rescued because they were abandoned. You would think they would be “problem children“, but they are not. They are perfect little hearts that give as much love as received. I would like to share with you some of these moments that I have had with my lovely companions.

5 out of 10 dogs in shelters and 7 out of 10 cats in shelters are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them.

Jinx, male manx cat: adopted ASPCA Pennsylvania.
Jinx follows me around all day long. He’s my tireless other half that escorts me through the house and waits patiently at each stop to make sure I’m okay. At night, he sleeps on my pillow beside my head. He will coo like a baby and reach out with his paw to snuggle me close. I’ve had him for 10+ years and it’s easy to say that he’s my best friend. I love him with all my heart.

Mulder, male mutt dog: abandoned by owner and left in house alone.
Agent Mulder came into my life two years ago, through my sweetheart. We’ve become fast friends, which slipping him some chicken probably helped. When I wake in the morning, Mulder will crawl over and put his head on my belly, all while wagging his tail.His front paw will reach out and nudge my hand to pet him. Every time he does so, my heart just melts with affection. He is so very very sweet.

Kinshaza, female medium haired cat: adopted ASPCA Massachusetts.
In the kitchen, Shazzy will observe all the activity and occasionally let out a tiny MEW. She has a very baby voice, which could easily be not heard. When I turn to her, she will MEW again and get on her hind legs as if to say “please pick me up.” Once you do, she purrs endlessly and VERY loudly. When I first adopted her, she couldn’t tolerate being held at, after 5 years, she enjoys the loving quite a bit.

It’s amazing how these animals can change your life. One minute you’re a self-involved human running around kicking up dirt where ever you go. The next, you’ve slowed down just to watch you animals sleep and discover they enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs. Love and affection is never wasted on these creatures. Never. They will give it back 10 fold and without a doubt, change your life for the better.

Adopt or rescue an animal today. Be a better human. The world needs better humans.

ASPCA Adoption:

This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by the Concerned Bloggers Association. If you would like to become involved, please contact Marleen Vaughan for more information.

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4 thoughts on “You Can’t Imagine the Love.

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  2. I love your Jinx kitty. I have a special fondness for tuxedos. They have extra special love bunnies.

    • Jinx is my Momma’s Boy. He’s the rock in which I live my life. When horrible things have happened, he’s always come to me. He knows that we need each other. It sounds corny, but it’s so true!

  3. I had a beautiful gigantic black tuxedo that died last Christmas eve. He was my comfort and joy. Honestly, I thought I was gonna die when he went, but we have a new little grey tuxedo that has filled that horrible hole in my heart. Hold your precious baby tight and give him a big hug and kiss from me.

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