Vintage Beaches with a Twist of Lime

ND/MD has come out with a new skin called Faith. I immediately fell in love with the Freckles version. There was something very sweet about it and I couldn’t resist matching it up with some tattoos and vintage clothing. Like rockabilly with a touch of honey. It’s easy to always prey on the striking makeups for good editorial photos. But sometimes it is really lovely to see a quality base skin that has depth without the bells and whistles.

Each skin is priced at $990L. Included are normal and teethed versions of the skin, cleavage, a Faith shape, and optional hairbases. Here’s a direct TP to the ad:

You know. It’s easy to get lured into buying the same skin brand over and over. Lemme challenge you with doing something different. Try new skins. Try skins from creators you’ve never heard of… Second Life has so much variety – you can’t even imagine. Live a little… that’s why this is your second life. Silly.

skin: ND/MD. Faith – teeth
lashes: Celestial Studios. Too Old to Buy
swimsuit: Artilleri. Jeanette Bikini – yellow/red
hair: Shag. Belle De Jour – umber
shoes: Pididdle. Canvas Shoes – clean
tattoo: Juicy Box. JDean Affair
ring: rangs. Africanna Ring, longboat
tote: BOOM. Shiney Skull

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