Dab of Color

Right now I am loving KIN hair. I guess I’m sorta getting on the bandwagon a little too late. *shrugs* That’s okay. I still really love her hair. It’s crazy, original and fresh. I’m so sick of the perfectly quaffed hair all over the mainstream shops these days. Let’s fuck some shit up, folks! Get down and dirty with ideas and being naughty. Yeah. Kin is like that for me.

The other big thing is this post is color. I don’t really like being colorful femme. It’s not my natural inclination, so I picked up the Dark Mouse Moody Monday jewelry and was inspired by its delicate beauty. I let the feminist inside of me roar and out came a dress, heels and a perfectly lipsticked smile.

Roar, muther fuckers. ROAR.

Dress: LeLutka, Tallys – orchid
Shoes: LeLutka, Saffron – nude
Necklace: Dark Mouse, Spring Fling
Bangle: Dark Mouse, Vintage Troll Bracelet – copper
Hair: Kin, Brunhilde – black
Eyes: Poetic Colors, Tarn
Skin: YS & YS, Nicole – Jewel Dark

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