TWO Things I Am Loving Right NOW!

Two things that will warm any heart.

1. Mia Snow’s Winter Pine Trees

I follow Mia on her flickr and when I saw her Winter Pine Trees pop up on the Contacts, I was enchanted.

These trees are a welcome diversity from all the tradition “holiday-gasm” we are going to be seeing over the next month. They are beautiful, artistic, and totally MODIFY! I have a bone to pick with a number of bulk nature builders in Second Life. Nothing is ever Modify rights!? It’s like you have to buy a 100 pack just to get all the size options, and then you’re stuck for an hour trying to figure out which fucking tree fits in your shop or home. It totally chaps my ass.

So, THANK YOU MISS MIA SNOW. I love you so very much. You’ve solved all my problems in one beautiful blow! You’ve made well crafted sculpted trees and now I can adjust them to fit EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE!

I highly recommend you picking these up. They are only $300L and you get 8 versions. Here’s a taxi to her shop!

Mia Snow's Winter Pine Trees

2. Arctic Greenhouse’s Red Poinsettia

My second love right now is Arctic Greenhouse, mainly for the poinsettia. You see, in real life, I have cats. Cats and poinsettia are NOT a good combo because they are poisonous to those little guys. So in the name of all things Second Life, if I can’t do it in reality – I WILL DO IT IN SL!


Honestly, these are the most beautiful sculpted flowers. Every flower that Arctic Greenhouse has, and they have A LOT, is really beautifully created. You can tell that creator, Logan Bauer, really has a genuine love for floral arranging and gardening. He sees not only in the beauty of what it is, but what it can become.

Here’s a taxi to his shop:

Arctic Greenhouse's Poinsettia

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2 thoughts on “TWO Things I Am Loving Right NOW!

  1. MiaSnow says:

    hey thnx! so glad u like them. i love arctic greenhouse too, feels really good to look around there!

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