Sian Pearl’s Influence

It’s hard NOT to be influenced by a 7 foot tall Welsh black woman with a bald head. Honestly, what else are you supposed to do? Granted, I’ve done my fair share of cyber punk tributes and I’m no stranger to love it of it all. 5th Element is one of my all time favorite movies, and it’s dedication to shiny leather, chrome and neon blue is steadfast.

Sian Pearl (Sion Pearl, in-world) passed me her batch of accessories. I think almost every attachment point is used up in this post, however it doesn’t look cluttered. This is the world of cyberpunk. Gadgets glued to every body part and most come with pulses of particles. Nothing annoying, just a nod to the surge of energy emanating.

You can pick up Sian’s items at her Future Shop on Marketplace, here’s a link: They are quality and made with a complete understanding of what it takes to be cool in the sci-fi world. It’s fantastic.

OH! ..and if you like what you see here, you should check out her blog: It’s dedicated to bloody good cyberpunk kick ass things!

Body Suit: NeurolaB Inc, GynoiD
Headphones: Sian’s Future Shop, Earphones Supercharged
Arms: Sian’s Future Shop, Arm Gems
Chest: Sian’s Future Shop, Chest Gem
Collar: Sian’s Future Shop, Collar
Leg: Mirror, Leg Metal
Nipples: NeurolaB Inc, Sensiva Nipples
Crotch: NeurolaB Inc, Sensiva Pussy
Skin: LeLutka, Estelle Light 9
Makeup: AQ’s, beitris
Eyes: Little Pricks, Spooky Eyes
Shoes: A-Bomb Joanna Boots

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