Dirty Turkey Hunt

This hunt was probably the most insane hunt I have ever been on… and I have been in-world for 5+ years. Let me say outright, that if you are the faint of heart – DO NOT DO THIS HUNT. You will go to Porn Shops, Gorean Shops, BSDM Shops and probably get propositioned for some sorta unhygienic sexual encounter by a newbie. *shudders* However, if NONE of those things bother you… I say, have at it. I could only stomach until #075… after I had to mute two jackasses that wanted me to “get on top of them”.

Entire Outfit: Virus | Nails: croire | Leash: Just You Jewels | Makeup: AQ's

“Worst Hiding Place Award” goes to Blow Up. Someone actually wrote this on their chalkboard (see picture). It was hidden in a very very difficult place and if I didn’t have more hints – I never would have found it. Now the skirt they give you is cute, if not the shortest skirt ever made. It IS a cute mini and the resizing script is easy to use. I guess that makes up for the bummer hiding spot.

I'm sensing some anger on that chalkboard.

“Best Misspelling Award” goes to Lyrieals Shop. Her hunt object says ‘Hoppy Thanksgiving‘. I found that terribly cute.

“Best Gift Award” goes to RAW HOUSE. It’s a beautiful red hair that is fun, unique and fucking well made. Here’s my list of top items to pick up via the Dirty Turkey Hunt (note: I don’t do sexual items in SL, if that rubs your pole the right way you might want to do more of the hunt.)

coffesmoke approved items:
Virus, Just You Jewels, Blow-Up, Southpaw, Sakide, Captivity, croire, Virtual Insanity, AQ’s, Atypical, Quartermaster, Cherry Bomb, Death Row Designs, Endless Paint Tattoos, Epic, FE, Holes, J.P.D, Juxtapose, Repulse, SSP, The Crossing, TWD, The Muffin Shack, Hysteria, Venus Envy

I have a new found hatred for all those blue pop up inviters. OMGz people! Stop it with that shit. It is so annoying to get windlight pop-ups, group invite pop-ups, landmark pop-ups, and all before I have freaking rezzed to know if I am in the right spot.

Panty Set: Virtual Insanity | Makeups: Hysteria | Armor: Quartermaster | Piercings: Holes | Tattoo: Endless Paint | Bird: Atypical

Overall, I did enjoy myself. There is a fun camaraderie that happens with Hunts. You end up TPing with the same people and helping each other out. It’s nice. Some people thinking helping or giving hints kills the hunt. I think those people are fucking nuts. The whole reason Hunts started was a marketing ploy to get more people to your shop. It’s like when everyone’s collected all their goodies and your item stands out… they will go back. Marketing 101. So simmer down with the Hint Gestapo. It’s cool, yo.

Problem areas to look out for… These had bad LMs in their gifts: #040 K2K Headquarters, #051 Cherry Bomb, #068 The Muffin Shack , #069 Eminence Clothing. This may change, via contacting those designers. But be sure you know this link: http://depravednation.wordpress.com/dirtyturkey2/

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5 thoughts on “Dirty Turkey Hunt

  1. Sileny says:

    Hahaha Hoppy Thanksgiving would have made me giggle too!

  2. yeah… It’s the little things in life.

  3. Beryl Landar says:

    Nice, and thanks for letting me know about the Raw House hair style.

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