Androida was created by ND/MD’s co-designer, Alea Lamont. You may have seen my other post about ND/MD here. This skin is right on par with my previous review.

Each package includes two versions of the skin. I’m showing the “repair skin” which has a cut in the cheek with a metal underlay. Both metal and NON metal are availble at the store, but if you’re inclined, I recommend the metal. It includes menacing cyber eyes, facelight, 2 skin versions (with or without teeth), eyebrow shape and cleavage. Basically, it’s an entire package of creepy cyborg goodness!

My avie is rather average in height, boobs and butt – I feel like a super model in this skin. It creates SUCH a long lean look. Personally, I love it. It reminds me completely of Battlestar Galactica. Can you say Number 6?

The face is unique with it’s lack of eyebrows and deep penetrating eyes. It’s a nice change from the Frida Kahlo looks that have infiltrating Second Life recently. It offers up a science fiction motif with a metallic sheen. On a side note, I must say that this skin has the nicest ass I have seen in years. You could bounce a quarter off of it and never feel cheated.

Two Makeup Variations

Here’s a taxi to the Store:
Pricing is as follows: One makeup = $990L
Fat Packs cost either $1270L or $3400L depending on package.

Other Credits
Hair: KIN – Cricket, blonde
Eyes: Grim Bros. – Mekanik View, plasma
Swimwear: BOOM – Aruba, lipstick
Heels: HOC Industries – Noir Stilettos
Bangles: MOOD – Pangani Bangles
Poses: Luth

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