ND/MD Skin Beams

Moonlay Laval is the designer and owner of ND/MD Skin and Shape Shop. Truthfully, I had never head of her work until I happened by a fashion feed group notice. I was completely impressed with her ability to capture a photo realistic skin that translated into a beautiful black women’s skin.

Miss Laval’s Eboni skin pays homage to a beautiful lip shape, a collar bone that will make your heart melt and legs that go on for miles. This skin is a perfect enhancement to any shape.

In the images, I am showing the Natural skin tones, however I have demo-ed all the sets and they are well worth the lindens. Each pack includes 2 skin versions (with or without hairbase), a cleavage enhancer, separate who-who hair, face light (any black woman’s must-have in SL), and a hair shadow.

What the fuck is a “hair shadow”?

Good question. The one that is included is especially made for the LeLutka Rykiel hair, which I am sure everyone is well aware of.. This tattoo layer creates a shadow on either side of the face, which creates depth when photographing. I’ve created a graphic for comparison, either way – it’s optional.

Overall, Eboni skin by ND/MD is a gem in Second Life. Here’s your information to buy it today:

Hair and Body Suit were provided by LeLutka
Each skin is $990 | 4 Pack of all makeups is $1999

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3 thoughts on “ND/MD Skin Beams

  1. Sian Pearl says:

    Here’s a question: is there a texture on the bald base?

  2. It looks like a beautiful bald head. Yul Brynner would be proud!

  3. coffeesmoke says:

    […] was created by ND/MD’s co-designer, Alea Lamont. You may have seen my other post about ND/MD here. This skin is right on par with my previous […]

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