..and then panic sets in.

I’ve been thinking a lot about panic lately. I’m no stranger to a panic attack or two…maybe six, but it seems a lot of people around me have been struggling with this emotion. It frightens me sometimes how strongly I can relate to each of the symptoms: tears, chest heaves, jitters, nausea, irrational thoughts. It’s a roller coaster of emotional terrorism.

The funny thing, as I have observed, is how little most Americans think of mental illness. How quickly they cast blame on any given party without stopping to wonder what might be the root cause. In all my 36 years on this earth, I’ve only ever met ONE person who admitted they had NO experience with mental illness. Personally, I think she was in complete denial because she exhibited classic signs of OCD behavior.

Why, with something so fucking prevalent, are people so quick hang others out to dry? It’s like we’ve lost our humanity to self-righteous shaming of anyone that is atypical. It completely makes me sad. Sad for the lack of compassion, education, empathy for anything that doesn’t revolve around who’s fucking who on the Jersey Shore.

It’s been a rough few weeks for some of the people I know, and this one’s for them. Love you.

skin: Dr. Life, Silk Girl Yuyan
hair: aurora, hair 001
dress: aurora, Swan Dress
eyes: mooney classic black
leggings: Ohmai, Basic Sheer blank
earrings: KOSH, Hibernation (Seraphim Freebie)
necklace: Spork, Liquid Silver
bracelet: VonD, Classy Bracelets
ring: MOOD, Desiderio Brillante
shoes: Kalnins, Wonder

poses: Estetica, Modern Dance (La Venta Eventa)

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