OPEN CALL for New Designers!


I’m looking for some new blood out there to write about for coffeesmoke. I am so sick of the usual suspects getting top billing with all the major bloggers, so let’s change that: starting here at coffeesmoke. Send me your fucked up, fantastic work that you’ve put your heart into and I’ll blog it. Let’s start infultrating the mass media, and get your stuff published and out there on the Fashion Feeds!

I am pretty willing to give anything a shot, minus gigantic prosthetic boobs. That’s just a little out of my league, not judging tho. If I can’t blog your stuff, I will personally contact you for a discussion. If I DO blog your stuff, I’ll notecard you with the URL and say, “Thanks, hot stuff.”

Let’s get some fresh new designs on the feeds. Generica is for the old and weak, so fuck that shit.

Send works to Marleen Vaughan. You can IM/Notecard me if you have problems or questions. Also my email address is: I’m super excited to see what’s out there.

skin: CStar – Embrace 2.0
hair: Aurora Shop – 002
eyes: Umedama Holic – GS eyes Black Pearl
jacket: 19MC – Riders -JK02
tutu: Le Poppycock – Lucky Board Tutu
boots: ZERO NUMBER – Engineer Boots
socks: Wrigglesworth – Men’s Garter Socks

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3 thoughts on “OPEN CALL for New Designers!

  1. missshellbee says:

    Nice! I love it! I can’t wait to see what this uncovers…

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