Dark Mouse Sale Delights!

You know, I am not much into constructing elaborate outfits which include accessories to the nines. In fact, I consider myself quite lazy or in other terms, minimalist. Often, when I see amazing jewelry I feel the need to take my shirt off to show it off. Dark Mouse‘s beach sale is no different.

Wood & Glass ($25L) + Cascade of Beads (Copper) ($50L)

I found this jewelry really popped against the beautiful nubian skin of PK (Psycho Kondor) and who needs the eyes, when you have the lips. The beautiful lips of Pididdle‘s Lost My Keys red. I always prefer MATTE to gloss. Gloss reminds me too much of a hooker, I have NO IDEA why.

Stain Glass Blue ($25L) + Stain Glass Green ($25L)

The Dark Mouse jewelry is well made and beautifully textured. I bought a lot more than I am depicting in these two images, but the thought of like 5 topless pictures of me just grossed out my vanity. I know others really enjoy that, but I have to draw a line at two. Mouse Mimistrobell‘s work has an elegant simplicity to it. It’s own brand of humility, if you will.

As you can see by the captions under the images, the prices are insanely low. The sale is in the “backyard” of the her shop with it’s own little home. Make way over there and really enjoy what she’s offering at these prices. I could say something like “it’s a gem!” but that would make me curl up in the fetal position.

Sweet Kisses

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