Occupy Wall Street

I find it shocking how LITTLE people are talking about the protest going on, in New York City and other major cities around the US, via Second Life. I haven’t seen any mention of it on PLURK, Facebook or in any sort of group notices. That makes me rather sad because it might mean two things:

  1. SLer’s don’t give a shit about the real news
  2. SLer’s don’t give attention to alternative forms of media

Mainstream media is corrupt. There is no denying it and corruption is absolute. If you want the real story, or at least a grain of insight and honesty, you MUST go to several media outlets to find kernels of consistency. All of those news stations have corporate sponsors, IE citibank, chase bank, forecloseyourass bank. These nasty little sponsors will strong arm the news and what it reports. We can’t have any bad press, now can we?

So for 2 weeks, you wouldn’t even know a protest was going on at Wall Street because there wasn’t anyone reporting it. It’s so fucking amazes me how the news cherry picks stories. It’s like your news is being decided by the same people that would throw a 73 year old grandmother out into the streets because they foreclosed on her life-long home.

>> random thought. I wonder if banking suicides went up during the “housing crisis”?

Anyways. I’ve decided to include a nice image from the protest, taken on Wall Street. “NO MORE MONEY FOR WALL STREET AND WAR. DEMAND JOBS AND INCOME FOR WORKERS AND POOR”

Side note. My stance on the military is very similar to David Letterman’s, oddly enough. I honor the soldiers that go to war, but not the war they fight. These are scared kids and they need to come home. As for social services, I live in Massachusetts the holy grail of social services. I gladly pay my taxes because I know first hand the good that it does for our society.

I’m getting off track.

It’s Day 23 of the Wall Street Protest. Read some. Support some. Learn some.

Credits: Skin & Makeup: LeLutka, Hair: DURA (group hunt), Dress: Pink Outfitters, Shoes: J’s, Jewelry: Swallowtail

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2 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street

  1. Thanks for this, Marls. Have you seen what they did to Grover? http://www.tauntr.com/blog/occupy-sesame-street-gets-violent

  2. *giggles* I bet they just arrested Bert because he’s gay.
    That’s so uncool, man.

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